Exam 2 Targeted Revision

Here are the guidelines we discussed from today’s peer review of Exam 2.

  • Targeted Revisions need to be submitted with your portfolio, due Fri. March 14 by 5 pm outside Lab 2 room 2010. Make sure to note in your table of contents if you have submitted Targeted Revisions and make sure they are easy to locate.
  • We discussed some guidelines to use to decide if you should complete a Targeted Revision. When adding up your exam “points”, note that the number at the top of the page with question 12 is the total number of points for that question (the individual breakdown is next to each lettered part of the question; the sum of the individual breakdowns should equal the number at the top of that page. So don’t double count those points).
  • Use the questions from the Exam 2 – Peer Review version.
  • Pick 3 from the six choices below. Produce beautiful solutions for those 3.
    1. Choice 1: Question #2
    2. Choice 2: Questions #7, #8, #9 (all as one set)
    3. Choice 3: Question #12
    4. Choice 4: Question #13
    5. Choice 5: Question #5, #14 (both as one set)
    6. Choice 6: Question #15
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