A compilation of materials about the NAWDI project.

  • NAWDI: A Framework for Sharing Domain-Specific Data Objects and Computational Resources
    The current version of the paper, which has yet to be published.
  • Screenshots
    A collection of screenshots of the client application, Le Client.
  • Le Client
    The Le Client package, including necessary drivers. Java must be installed seperately. Please contact fickerm@evergreen.edu for access to our computational resources.
  • Le Client Source Code
    The source code of Le Client, the client of the NAWDI system.
  • User Defined Types Source Code
    The source code of out UDTs, the types used for input and output files in the DBMS.
  • Wrapper Source Code
    The source code and environmental support for one of the wrappers.
  • References
    An EndNote database of all references used in the paper.
  • User's Guide
    A short user guide of the Le Client system.