Morpho Plugin

A Microsoft Access plugin for Morpho

ImportMSAccessPlugin is a plugin for Morpho that imports the data descriptions for all tables, attributes, descriptions, primary keys, and notNullable constraints from a given Microsoft Access database.



Download and run the above executable file.  The installer will prompt you to locate your Morpho install and will then install all the necessary files.  This installer will also update Morpho's class path, batch file, and your personal Morpho config to include this plugin.

NOTE: This installer will need to be rerun for each additional user on the system, as each user has a personal Morpho config.  You only need to rerun the section titled "Update my personal morpho config"  for each user.


  • Morpho-1.5.1 must be installed on your system.  If you do not have Morpho it can be downloaded here.
  • You must be using Microsoft Windows (tested with Windows 2000)


After a successful install, restart Morpho and there will be a new option at the bottom of the "Data" menu.  It should say "Import MS Access Database".  Open a datapackage, select the import option, choose a MS Access database, wait a minute and it will import the design.

After a successful Access import Morpho will display this warning message:

This not an error, just a warning.  It means that you can only see the data descriptions, not the actual data.



Lee Zeman