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Reservation Based/Community Determined Program
Indians and the Law: Uncovering the Truth and Moving to Praxis
Fall 2002 | Winter & Spring 2003
Math Workshop

Math Workshop, full description

Math Workshop Summary

Student Inputs:

Students will receive instruction via videotapes and textbook; be assigned to a work group with a math coach; and receive support via site visits, e-mail and web site support provided by publisher.

Student products:
1. Students will complete the textbook and turn in assignments as evidence of their work;

2. Students will attend all Math Workshop sessions (Sundays);

3. Students will prepare a self-evaluation that covers when student starts program and at the end of the program), a program, math coach evaluation, and a credit request form at the end of each quarter that the student request credit; and

4. Students will return all borrowed tapes to their math coaches prior to end of each quarter. If student desires to retain tapes to study between quarters, the must first acquire permission - in writing - from their math coaches. In any event, all tapes that pertain to chapters that a student is requesting credit for at the end of the quarter.

Comments and recommendations are welcomed, regarding the overall program, tapes, textbooks, work groups and math coaches.

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