American Indians & the Constitution



Revised Sylabus

How to Brief a Case

Sample Case Brief: Johnson v. McIntosh

United States Constitution

Seminar Leader Assignments

Advice on Leading a Seminar

Billy Frank, Jr. Bio (Guest Speaker)

Basic Forms of Citation

Court Reporters: Where to Find the Law

Appellate Brief: Cases and Co-counsel Assignments

Appellate Brief: Developing the Statement of the Case

Components of an Appellate Brief / Rules of the Evergreen Supreme Court

Sample Brief: United States v. Navajo Nation - Brief for the Respondent, Navajo Nation (PDF file)

Appellate Brief: Developing the Questions Presented

Appellate Brief: Group Exercise to Better Understand Questions Presented

Appellate Brief: Developing the Argument

Appellate Advocacy: Developing the Oral Argument

Appellate Brief: Summary and Conclusion

Writing Assignment for Book: To An Unknown God (for Nov. 29)

The Real Story of Thanksgiving and Why I Hate Thanksgiving


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