American Indians & the Constitution



Relations Between the United States and Native Americans: The Avalon Project at Yale University

Navajo Timeline

1492: An Ongoing Voyage

The American West

Archives of the West

Chickasaw Historical Research Page

Chief George Manuel Memorial Library - Fourth World Documentation Project

Christopher Columbus' Journal

Columbus and the Age of Discovery

Columbus Navigation

First Nations Histories

History of the Cherokee Nation

Images of the West

Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet

The Indian Fur Trade (1700's to the 1840's)

Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center

NativeWeb: History Resources

Oglala Lakota Indian of Pine Ridge, South Dakota

The Paleoindian Period

Sipapu: The Anasazi Emergence into the Cyber World

Smithsonian Institution: Native American History and Culture

Templo Mayor Museum

The Trail of Tears

Wounded Knee Massacre: Library of Congress


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