Winter Quarter:

The Great Hunger (Patrick Kavanagh)

Untitled (Patrick Kavanagh)

The Emigrant (Richard Tillinghast)

The Emigrant Irish (Eavan Boland)

Mise Éire (Eavan Boland)

Why My Grandmother Could Never Escape Ireland (Richard Broderick)

Traces (Mark Vinz)

Love in the Western World (Kathy Callaway)

Leavetaking (Greg Delanty)

Going Back (Eithne McKiernan)

Enemy Encounter (Padraic Fiacc)

Waterside (Seán Williams)

Digging (Seamus Heaney) 


Fall Quarter:

20th century and beyond:

The Rebel (Pádraig Pearse)

Drums Under the Window (Sean O'Casey)

An Tobar (Cathal Ó Searcaigh)

Wild Geese (Mary Oliver)

When Death Comes (Mary Oliver)

Come Into Animal Presence (Denise Levertov)

The Flight of the Earls (Eavan Boland)

The Insular Celts (Ciaran Carson)

A Grafted Tongue (John Montague)

Requiem for the Croppies (Seamus Heaney)

Mise Raiftearaí (Anthony O'Raftery)


Famine Poetry:

The Scar (John Hewitt)

Famine, A Sequence (Desmond Egan)

At a Potato Digging (Seamus Heaney)

The Famine Road (Eavan Boland)

The Ballad of Ballymote (Tess Gallagher)

The New Invasions (Seán Lucy)

Inscriptions (Eavan Boland)


Dunstan and Knute Skinner:

When Liam Greets the Day (Dunstan Skinner)

A Boy Should Live on a Farm (Dunstan Skinner)

The Highlands (Dunstan Skinner)

The Beautiful White Cow (Knute Skinner)

The Cow (Knute Skinner)

The Cold Irish Earth (Knute Skinner)

October Morning (Knute Skinner)

Cloth Caps (Dunstan Skinner)

The Silver Strand (Dunstan Skinner)


Pre-20th century:

The Mystery

The Scribe

Pangur Bán

Summer Has Come

The Light of Love

A Kiss

Saint Patrick's Breastplate

The Heavenly Banquet

The Heavenly Pilot

Prayer to Saint Patrick

The Deserted Village (Oliver Goldsmith)


Sean Williams:

I Am

Española Island