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Required texts will be supplemented with photocopied essays, articles, and miscellany.

The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, Roberto Calasso—read over break for week 1 !
ISBN 0674733485

Sonnets to Orpheus, Rainer M. Rilke
ISBN 0-8195-6165-7

The Portable Nietzsche link
ISBN 978-014015062

*Imagining Language, Rasula & McCaffery, Eds.
ISBN 978-0262681315

Collected Poems, Stephane Mallarme
ISBN 0520207114

Stories and Texts for Nothing, Samuel Beckett
ISBN 978-0802150622

Selected Writings, Antonin Artaud<—click title for reading selections
ISBN 0520064437

*Event, Philippe Sollers
ISBN 978-0873760461

Miracle of the Rose, Jean Genet
ISBN 0802130887

From the Book to the Book, Edmond Jabes
ISBN 978-0819562524

Geometric Regional Novel
, Gert Jonke
ISBN 978-1564782311

*The Age of Wire and String, Ben Marcus
ISBN 978-1564781963

The Pleasure of the Text, Roland Barthes
ISBN 978-0374521608




-Texts are listed roughly in the order they will be used.

* Some titles will not be fully available from the bookstore. Possibly 24 copies of Imagining Language, possibly 0 of Age of Wire...approximately 16 of Event.


Detailed Reading Schedule, including theory texts (pdf)

Go to archive for pdfs of required theory texts