Studio Productions

Over the course of twenty weeks the students will be engaged in an intensive studio environment to develop progressive high performance building (sustainable) systems and programs for this multi functional structure.

The students first 3D Project will be to create a plan, 3D model (on SketchUp) and a model of a structure which will then be presented to their peers.

Solo 3D Project

  • This project will be a combination of three items:

1. Plan, section and elevation of your creation

2. 3D model of your creation _ walk or fly through

3. A model of the creation

  • The challenge:

“Create a space with an interior and exterior built out of materials of your choice in a climate of your choice and in a location of your choice. Your narrative should clearly describe the parameters you chose to form this creation. The one page narrative has three sections where you will describe the them, sensory responses and elements of comfort you seek in this space.

  • Criteria:

1. Project A: 24 x36” title block with scaled drawings neatly laid out with crisp, straight, and clean lines w/ calculated or chosen line weights. Minimum req. are a plan, a section and two elevations (Imperial scale Engineering or Architectural).

2. Project B: a working model(s) of your idea created in 3D modeling or in the shop _ a “real” object made of any materials of your choice. Note this is a work in progress designed in Metric scale. Expect to view several parts of models to understand or depict the process and development of the idea

3. Project C: a finished model in either Sketch-Up or Shop “real” model produced in Imperial Scale.

4. Project D: a one page typed narrative (hard copy) for pin up. Describe a) theme/motif ie. what were you thinking! b)sensory objectives and c) occupant or user comfort objectives

5. No more than 5 ninety degree corners or in other words avoid cubist style work and concentrate on organic and natural lines ie. get out of your conventional dimensional lumber frame of mind and explore freehand or natural forms.

6. Scale: as noted

7. Create an emotional or sensory experience for both exterior and interior spaces therefore think of the surroundings, the edge from inside to outside, and the “experience” from inside to outside. _ Describe.

8. Address comfort issues. Develop your ideas for the meaning of what comfortable is_ both for the interior and exterior spaces. When is this space utilized, how long, for whom, when, with how many, and how does it feel, etc.?_ Describe.

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