SAFETY – Luggage


These are minimal safety precautions. New York, as any large city, requires some awareness and savvy. PLEASE DO research about traveling in large cities and in New York in particular.


1. DO NOT EVER leave your luggage unattended even for a moment.

2. ALWAYS keep your luggage in sight when checking into a residence.

3. ALWAYS Place all valuables in residence safe deposit box as soon as possible and preferably when you are checking in.

4. ALWAYS Close the door of your room by hand when leaving,

5. ALWAYS Lock your door by hand, to make sure that it is locked, even if leaving your room for a short period of time.

6. ALWAYS keep the door locked while you are in your room. When retiring for the night, use the double lock and chain.  Better safe than sorry.

7. ALWAYS lock your luggage when not in use and place it in a closet.  If the closet has a lock, always use it.

8. ALWAYS protect your room key. Check with key procedures upon your arrival.

9. ALWAYS notify the manager of any unusual occurrences, such as Individuals loitering in the corridor, repeated calls from unidentified callers, knocking on your door by persons who are unknown to you, or finding no one at the door when you answer it. Ask the manager to double lock your door when you go out if you are leaving valuables in your room which are too large to check at the front desk. Not all hotel residences provide this service, but make sure to ask if yours does.


  1. NEVER display money, jewelry, or any other valuable items anywhere.
  2. NEVER allow persons into your rooms with unsolicited deliveries.
  3. NEVER invite strangers to your room.
  4. NEVER permit repairmen, window washers, etc., into your room without first                     checking with residence management.
  5. NEVER reveal your residence or room number to strangers while socializing.
  6. NEVER reveal plans for a day away in front of residence personnel or strangers.
  7. NEVER carry room keys outside of residence unless permitted by management.
  8. NEVER drink ANYTHING that has not been under your supervision at all times. Some drugs are impossible to taste and can make you vulnerable to date rape, and thieves.
  9. NEVER display your wallet anywhere.
  10. NEVER carry all your valuables items in the same place. Use a money belt.

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