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      Programs beginning summer quarter Schedule
Status Title Session DAY=days
EW=evenings, weekends
  Art of the Blog First EW: T, Th
  Ballet, Beginning Second DAY: M, W
CANCELLED Ca(n)non of Art History (The) Second DAY: M, W, Th
  Ceramics: Wheel Throwing First DAY: M, W
CANCELLED Dance Inquiry First, Second, or Full EW: M, W
Revised Dance/Movement Therapy, Introduction Second DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Designing Art Books with a Poetic Text Full DAY: T, W, Th
  Digital Audio and Music Composition Second DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Directing Actors for Film First DAY: T, W
  Drawing with Children First DAY: M
Revised Experimental Animation Techniques (EAT) Full DAY: T, W, Th
  Film Production Workshop Second DAY: T, W, Th
Revised Film, Introduction First DAY: T, W,Th
  The Handmade Life: A Tree, A Tool, A Chair First, Second, or Full EW: M, W
  Illustrative Narrative First Special Schedule
  Independent Study Online Full EW: T, Th
  Irish Language and Song First DAY: T, Th
  Life Drawing, Introduction First EW: T, W
  Metalworks: Fabrication of Form First Special Schedule
  Movement and Meditation Second DAY: T, W, Th
  Multitrack Audio Production Full DAY: T, W
  Music, Computers and MIDI First DAY: T, W, Th, F
  Nourishing the Self Through the Arts Second DAY: T, W
  Oil Painting First DAY: MT, W, Th
  The Orissi Institute First DAY: MT, W, Th
  Page to Screen: Film Adaptations of Great (and not so great) Literature Second DAY: T, W, F
  Photography, Color First DAY: M, W
  Photography, Digital, Introduction Second DAY: M, T, W
  Printmaking: The Art of Multiples Second DAY: T, Th
  Psychology of the Evolving Self First, Second, or Full DAY: Special Schedule
Revised Renaissance Art: A Traveling Seminar in Florence, Italy First Special Schedule
  Sculpture and the Figure Second EW: T, Th
  Songwriters' Workshop First EW: T, Th
Revised SOS In Silk Roads Studies First Special Schedule
  Summerwork: Black and White Photography Second DAY: M, T, W
CANCELLED Working in the Moment First DAY: M, W

Art of the Blog

Arlen Speights, 867-5076

See listing under Scientific Inquiry.


Ballet, Beginning

2 credits second session
MW, 12:15-1:45
Required Fees: $25 for pianist
CRN: 40022

In this course, students will learn fundamentals of ballet and gain greater physical flexibility and coordination. Ballet slippers are required.


Ca(n)non of Art History (The)*


4 credits second session
Lara M. Evans, 867-6712
M, 10-11:30a and 1-2:30p; W, 10a-12; Th, 10-11:30a
Required Fees: $20 for field trip
CRN: 40032

This course examines the issues of race, class and gender in art from the 1700s to the
present. We will examine the so-called canon of Western art by looking at issues of
race, class and gender as played out in the art world and represented in artworks
themselves. The course will feature slide lecture/discussions, seminars, films, a
research paper and other written assignments involving library research, plus group
presentations. Readings will derive from an art historical textbook and supplementary
essays in art criticism and theory. Students are also expected to travel to Seattle for
First Thursday Art Walk.


Ceramics: Wheel Throwing

4 to 8 credits first session
Mike Moran, 867-6988
MW, 10a-3p
Required Fees: $40 studio user fee
Special expenses: $100 for supplies
CRN: 40034

This is an introduction to making ceramic forms on the potter's wheel in stoneware and porcelain clays. The course will cover high-fire glazing and aesthetics of forming and finishing thrown pieces.


Dance Inquiry*


4 credits either session or 8 credits full session
MW, 5-9p
Special expenses: $25 for field trips (performance)
CRN: 40045 (1st session), 40046 (2nd session), 40047 (full session)

This program is designed to examine one's own body process through anatomy, history, media and movement. Using technology, students will journal and analyze movement which will culminate in an autobiographical choreo-poem. Students will also witness several dance performances and rehearsals. No prior dance training is needed.


Dance/Movement Therapy, Introduction

4 credits second session
Karen Kirsch, 236-8106
TuTh, 1-5p
Special expenses: $10 for class materials
CRN: 40048

Some say, "Movement never lies." If so, how can we use movement to better understand ourselves and others and as a tool of transformation? Movement as communication and healing process has been important for centuries but movement therapy as a form began in the 1940s and '50s. This course will explore the theory, practice and history of movement therapy. Our explorations will draw from Authentic Movement, Chasian Group Therapy, improvisation, Body/Mind Centering and Laban Movement Analysis. We will do reading, writing, seminar and journal work as well as group and individual movement exploration. Contact faculty for first class assignment. Eight-credit students meet four times weekly, four-credit twice weekly.


Designing Art Books with a Poetic Text

16 credits full session
Steven Hendricks, 867-5745, and Gail Tremblay, 867-6334
TWTh, 11a-5p
Special expenses: $150-$200 for tools and materials
CRN: 40138

We will explore the union of poetry and book-arts through writing workshops, design bookbinding, and letterpress printing. Students will study and practice both traditional and experimental forms. Readings may include Drucker's The Century of Artists' Books and Fred Zydek's Stumbling through the Stars, along with readings in design, poetics and the history of the book. We will consider what makes a book a cohesive work of art and not merely a convenient collection. At the end of the program, students will have created a "chapbook" length bookwork using any of a variety of media.


Digital Audio and Music Composition

8 credits second session
Arun Chandra, 867-6077
MTWTh, 1-5p
Required Fees: $25 for concerts in Seattle
CRN: 40050

This course will focus on using the computer to create and manipulate waveforms. Students will learn how to use the "C" programming language to synthesize waveforms, while learning about their mathematics. Students will create short compositions using FM, AM, granular and other synthesis techniques. We will listen to contemporary and historical experiments in sound synthesis and composition, and students will be asked to write a short paper on synthesis techniques. Students will learn how to program in "C" under a Linux or OS X system. The overall emphasis of the class will be in learning how to address the computer in a spirit of play and experiment, and find out what composition can become. There will be weekly readings in aesthetics, along with readings in synthesis techniques and programming. Students at all levels of experience are welcome.


Directing Actors for Film

4 credits first session
TW, 1-5p
Special expenses: $20 for photocopies of scripts
CRN: 40051

Students will deepen their knowledge of the language of film in this workshop-style course about the fundamentals of directing actors for the screen. We'll cover the essentials of acting, reading and understanding a script, preparing character breakdowns, auditioning and casting, breaking down scenes, working scenes with actors, and getting the performance while getting coverage of a scene. This course will be useful to students interested in directing, screenwriting, producing, and/or acting.


Drawing with Children*

2 credits first session
Sherry Walton, 867-6753
M, 1-5p
Special expenses: $50 for art supplies
CRN: 40053

Participants will explore the basics of helping children learn to draw using the techniques developed by Mona Brookes, and, in the process, may improve their own abilities! In addition, each participant will explore an aspect of art education in which she/he is interested, develop a presentation, and share her/his discoveries with the class. No artistic experience is necessary to join this exploration of creativity in children and in ourselves.


Experimental Animation Techniques (EAT)

16 credits full session
Angela Goldenstar, 867-6645 and Sara Spink
TuTh, 10a-4p, W, open lab
Special expenses: $120 for workbook, handouts, production materials, technical support
CRN: 40065

Students will collaborate on stop motion animation projects created in digital multimedia formats. The basics of animation theory, motion and technique will be studied through modeling objects in clay, sand, cutouts and drawing on film. Studies will emphasize an experimental approach supported by lectures, production workshops and screenings. Prior knowledge of image making, computing, sculpting or drawing is not necessary. Attendance and participation at all class sessions is essential for full credit.


Film Production Workshop

8 credits second session
Dave Cramton, 867-6277
TWTh, 3-6p
Required Fees: $150 for field trips, equipment and supplies for film production
CRN: 40066

When it comes to understanding how the dynamics of a film set work, nothing beats actually working on one. In five weeks this class will grow into a tightly-knit crew, working to create a fully-realized 16mm sync-sound production, transferred and finished on video. We will all learn together why each position on a set is important, from production assistant to executive producer.


Film, Introduction

8 credits first session
Laurie Meeker, 867-6613
TW, 1-5p; Th, 9a-5p
Required Fees: $200 for film stock and processing
CRN: 40067

This course will introduce students to the art of film through weekly screenings, readings, writing and instruction in Super-8mm filmmaking techniques. For all you image makers who want to get your hands on celluloid, this is the opportunity to carry a Super-8 camera around for five weeks and learn the properties of film stocks, lenses and the moving image. We will examine film form through a series of screenings, considering first the classical narrative, then examining alternative film practices - documentary and experimental forms. Analyzing films will contribute to the development of our own filmmaking practice. Students will shoot film weekly to develop skills in cinematography and will have the opportunity to edit super-8 film as well. Cameras are available through Media Loan - but it would be great to start looking for your own at thrift stores and garage sales! You can achieve some beautiful visual quality with the Super 8mm format.


Handmade Life: A Tree, A Tool, A Chair (The)

4 credits either session or 8 credits full session
Daryl Morgan, 867-6228
MW, 5-9p
Required Fees: $100 for materials first or second session, $200 for materials full session
CRN: 40081 (1st session), 40082 (2nd session), 40083 (full session)

Students will experience the deeply felt satisfaction of making useful things by hand with wood from a freshly felled tree. Working in the tradition of 17th century craftsmen, students will fashion chairs and benches from riven oak relying only on hand- and human-powered tools and an understanding of the nature of wood. First session will focus on the tree itself, the properties of green timber, the process of converting it into usable material and the tools for doing so. Second session will be devoted to designing and constructing furniture.


Illustrative Narrative

4 credits first session
James R. Blevins, 867-6228
TuTh, 5-9p
Required Fees: $50 for guest speakers, films and materials
Special expenses: $40 for supplies, book
CRN: 40094

This class will be a beginning graphics workshop that examines the simple act of storytelling through sequential image and text. We will also look at the history of illustration, comics, webcomics, animation and graphic novels. The focus of the class will be to help you create stories that reflect your own personal experiences, style and vision using traditional and nontraditional graphic methods. Knowing how to draw, while useful for this class, is not a prerequisite.


Independent Study Online

See listing under Culture, Text and Language.


Irish Language and Song

Sean Williams, 867-6623

See listing under Culture, Text and Language.


Life Drawing, Introduction

4 credits first session
Lisa Sweet, 867-6763
TuW, 9a-12p
Required Fees: $40-$66 for model fees (these are based on the enrollment in the class and will be determined by the second week of the course)
Special expenses: $25 for drawing materials
CRN: 40105

This introductory course will focus on the expressive potential of the figure as well as human anatomy for artists. Specific drawing sessions will address anatomical structure, while others will explore the expressive power of figurative representation. Students will draw in class six hours a week and develop assignments outside of class meetings. This course is ideal for anyone interested in drawing, especially those with little or no prior experience drawing from a live model.


Metalworks: Fabrication of Form

4 credits first session
Bob Woods, 867-6228
MW, 5:30-9:30p
Required Fees: $120 for materials, supplies and lab fee
CRN: 40114

An introduction to the use of hand and machine tools commonly employed in the cutting, forming and fabrication of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Metalworking processes and technique (riveting, soldering, welding, forging, etc.) will be practiced in the accomplishment of a series of projects that encourage student centered design.


Movement and Meditation

2 credits second session
Mukti Khanna and Fu Lann Tao, 867-6752
July 31, August 1, 2, 3, 4, 12-4p
Required Fees: $20 for art supplies and photocopies
CRN: 40117

This class will explore movement meditation as a focus for the mind, body and spirit. Movement is energy that flows through the physical body from both the conscious and subconscious dimensions of consciousness. Breath is integrated as an elemental form of movement for radiant health and wellness. The class will be primarily experiential, integrating movement studies with concepts of neurophysiology, quantum physics, ecopsychology and expressive arts therapies. No prior movement or artistic experience needed.


Multitrack Audio Production

16 credits full session
Terry Setter, 867-6615
TuTh, 10a-4p; W, 10a-1p
Required Fees: $30 lab fee
Special expenses: $25 for supplies
CRN: 40118

This program will develop students' ability to listen critically and it will provide instruction and exercises in eight-track analog and digital recording techniques. There will be written assignments based upon readings in the program text, and a final research presentation will be given in class. Students will do at least 90 hours of recording and familiarization work in the recording studios. They will record local musicians and produce finished mixes of the sessions.


Music, Computers and MIDI

8 credits first session
Peter Randlette, 867-6279
TW, 9a-5p
Special expenses: $60 for photocopies, CD-R and cassettes
CRN: 40119

Creating music with the help of modern personal computers is becoming both easier and more sophisticated with the advent of new programs designed for musicians instead of computer programmers. This program will explore producing music using the Macintosh platform with sequencer software, samplers, synthesizers and basic audio systems. The only prerequisite is an interest in music and a willingness to explore new sounds. This program may continue (as a group contract) in the second session.


Nourishing the Self Through the Arts

8 credits second session
Stephanie Kozick, 867-6439
TWThF, 10a-2:30p
Special expenses: $25 for museum fees
CRN: 40129

This summer program offers a variety of learning experiences designed to nourish the self and ground one's liberal arts education in dance, music, visual art and theater. Elliot Eisner of Stanford University tells us, "Art is literacy of the heart." Summer students will support each other to "do art" together within an academic presentation of readings on the arts, discussion, movement studio work, museum visits and film. Henry Miller thought, "Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life." Undergraduate students, teachers and those preparing to teach, will gain creative inspiration to enjoy an artful life.


Oil Painting

4 credits first session
Lisa Sweet, 867-6763
TW, 1-5p
Special expenses: $100 for painting supplies
CRN: 40132

This course is designed with the beginner in mind, but students interested in advancing existing painting skills are encouraged to enroll. Presentations will be designed to introduce students to basic color theory and technical painting issues including supports for paintings, composition and paint modifiers. We will stress a low-toxic approach to painting. Class time will be used for workshops, critiques and slide lectures. Students will be expected to respond to technical assignments and develop their own work outside of class meetings. A high priority will be placed on (1) the development of an authentic body of work in paint and (2) working on a small-ish scale and producing many works. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to come to the program with a theme in mind and the ability to work outside of class.


Orissi Institute (The)

8 credits first session
Ratna Roy, 867-6469
MTWTh, 4-8p
CRN: 40133

The Orissi Institute is a holistic cultural studies program that includes Orissi dance for health, foods, language (intro to Sanskrit &Hindi), meditation (in its various forms), philosophy, literature and music from the Indian subcontinent. We will immerse ourselves in an age-old tradition of holistic living and being through texts, readings and experiential knowledge. Dance movements will be tailored to each individual. Students may opt to concentrate on one or another area.


Page to Screen: Film Adaptations of Great (and not so great) Literature

See listing under Culture, Text and Language.


Photography, Color

8 credits first session
Hugh Lentz, 867-6313
MW, 9a-5p
Prerequisites: Darkroom experience
Special expenses: $250 for text, film, paper and film processing
CRN: 40136

This class is an introduction to the color photography process of printing from color negatives. There will be lectures and workshops in the rudiments of color theory, color film, the color spectrum of natural and artificial light, electronic flash and the mechanics of the color darkroom. Through assignments and critiques, students will develop the tools to pursue their own projects. There will also be slide viewing of historical and contemporary artists. For those who wish to continue second session, this class will become a group contract for up to eight credits.


Photography, Digital, Introduction

8 credits second session
Steve Davis, 867-6263
MTW, 9a-2:30p
Prerequisites: Some computer familiarity
Required Fees: $50 lab fee
Special expenses: $200 for text, print materials
CRN: 40135

This class is an introduction to photographic expression using digital tools. Image making will be geared towards effective use of cameras (film and/or digital,) software applications (primarily Adobe Photoshop,) scanners, and high quality output through inkjet printing, and personal web galleries. Development of thematic and coherent bodies of work will be emphasized. Class requirements include scheduled assignments, regular critiques and a final project consisting of new, photographically derived digital work.


Printmaking: The Art of Multiples

4 credits second session
TuTh, 1-5p
Required Fees: $25 for lab fees
Special expenses: $50 for paper
CRN: 40148

Working both individually and collaboratively, students will use many printmaking processes to create multiple print editions. Photolithography, relief methods, silk-screening, letterpress and monotype techniques will be used as students are introduced to the printmaking studio. Assignments will focus on prints produced for multiple forms including postcards, broadsides and pamphlets. Students will participate in a print exchange at the end of the session.


Psychology of the Evolving Self

4, 6, or 8 credits either session/16 credits full session
Doranne Crable, 867-6085
Schedule TBA
Prerequisites: Signature of instructor for 4 or 6 credits
Special expenses: $10-$20 for guest speakers and $10-$20 for journal, art supplies, mask making supplies
CRN: First session: 40153 (4 cr), 40154 (6 cr), 40155 (8 cr). Second session: 40156 (4 cr), 40157 (6 cr), 40158 (8 cr). Full session: 40159 (16 cr)

Each of us lives a personal mythology, an inner drama whose plot we enact over and over in our lives. This determines what we see; how we think, feel, and relate to others; what we do. According to psychologist Carl Jung, until each of us comes to understand and accept the unconscious mythologies that drive our lives, we remain disconnected from ourselves and others. This course explores Jung's theory of Archetypes in collective and personal psychology and Joseph Campbell's interpretations of Comparative Mythology, as the basis for developing our Personal Mythology, through reading, discussion, creative and expository writing, and creative response to the work. Students may register for first, second or full session.


Renaissance Art: A Traveling Seminar in Florence, Italy

Bob Haft, 867-6474

See listing under Culture, Text and Language.


Sculpture and the Figure

4 credits second session
TuTh, 5-9p
Prerequisites: Figurative experience helpful
Required Fees: $25-$35 for model fees to be determined by enrollment
Special expenses: $75-$100 for tools and materials
CRN: 40174

This class offers both experienced and beginning students an opportunity to study the figure in three dimensions. First using clay and then with direct plaster, we will craft armatures and work to capture the form, gesture, and likeness of models. Advanced students can additionally choose to work on independent projects that will challenge their specific interests.


Songwriters' Workshop

2 credits first session
TuTh, 6-8p
CRN: 40180

Whether you're writing your first song or the next of many, here's a great place to imagine, polish, share, tinker and play. We will write and sing together, using both old and new paths toward imagining and refining melody, rhythm, lyrics, themes and chord structure. All musical genres and experience levels are welcome. Credit will be awarded in Songwriting.


SOS In Silk Roads Studies

Hirsh Diamant, 867-6736

See listing under Culture, Text and Language.

Summerwork: Black and White Photography

8 credits second session
Bob Haft, 867-6474
MT, 9a-4p, W, 9a-12p
Required Fees: $200 for lab fee and photo supplies (film, paper, etc.)
CRN: 40196

This intensive session is designed for students of all skill levels. Through workshops and critiques we will learn the basics of 35mm (or larger) cameras, methods and materials involved in making black and white prints, aesthetics, and a short history of the medium. Emphasis will be placed upon learning to see the world through the eyes of a photographer, taking risks with one's work and being open to new ideas. Because of the intensive nature of the course, attendance and participation at all sessions is essential.


Working in the Moment


4 credits first session
Bob Woods, 867-6228
MW, 12-4p
Special expenses: $45 for supplies
CRN: 40206

This course is presented as an opportunity for "non-artists" and beginners to experience creative self-expression in the visual arts. Emphasizing process over product and letting go of judgment, participants will explore a variety of two- and three-dimensional mediums with drawing as a core endeavor. This class, guided by the work of Edwards (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) and Cassou/Cubley (Life, Paint and Passion) is open to all levels.


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