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      Programs beginning summer quarter Schedule
Status Title Session DAY=days
EW=evenings, weekends
  Adolescent Literature First DAY: M
  Algebraic Thinking First DAY: M, W
  America in the 20th Century I (to 1950) First DAY: T, W, Th, F
  America in the 20th Century II (since 1950) Second DAY: T, W, Th, F
  American Government and Politics First DAY: T, Th
  American Sign Language III Full EW: T
  American Sign Language IV Full EW: T
  Anatomy and Physiology Full EW: T, Th
  Art and Technique of Wilderness Medicine First Special Schedule
  Basic Economics and Public Policy Second EW: T, Th
  Better IEPs First DAY: T, Th
  The Ca(n)non of Art History Second DAY: M, W, Th
  Chemistry, General, with Lab First DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Children's Literature: Special Topics Second Special schedule
  College Physics First DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Cultures and Politics of Latin America (Culturas Y Politicas de America Latina) Full EW: T, W, Th
  Dance Inquiry First, Second or Full EW: M, W
  Drawing with Children First DAY: M
  Economics for the Rest of Us Second DAY: T, Th
  Economics of the Public Sector First EW: T, Th
  Enjoying Children's Literature First DAY: W
  Forest Ecology of the Pacific Northwest First DAY: T, W, Th
  Geometry, Euclidian First DAY: T, Th
  Grammar for Teachers and Writers First EW: M, W
  Grantwriting Essentials Full DAY: Special Schedule
  In Their Own Words: Stories From Women's History First EW: T
  Lifespan Developmental Psychology Second EW: M, W
  Marine Biology of the Pacific Northwest Second DAY: T, W, Th
  Math for Elementary Teachers First DAY: T, Th
  Page to Screen: Film Adaptations of Great (and not so great) Literature Second DAY: T, W, F
  Practice of Writing: The Making of Meaning First EW: T, Th
  Professional Certificate Seminar First DAY: T, Th
  Professional Seminar in Special Education First DAY: T, Th
  Psychology - General Principles First EW: T, Th
  Public Speaking Intensive First Special Schedule
  Reading the Geographies of the Pacific Northwest First Special schedule
  Science for Educators First DAY: M, T
  Social Sciences for Secondary Education First DAY: W, F
  Sociolinguistics First DAY: T, Th
  Sociology, Introduction Second DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Special Education Law Second DAY: T, Th
  Special Education, Introduction First DAY: M, WTh
  Statistics and Statistical Methods, Introduction Seond EW: M, W
  Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology and Other Social Sciences First DAY: M, W, F
  Summer Ornithology: Birds in the Hand Second Special Schedule
  Teaching English as a Second Language First EW: M, W
  Twentieth Century Europe, 1914-2000 Second EW: T, Th
  Women and Gender in the U.S.: 1945 to the Present First DAY: T, Th
  Writing Well: Persuasion and Style First DAY: T, Th

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