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      Programs beginning summer quarter Schedule
Status Title Session DAY=days
EW=evenings, weekends
  Alcohol and Drug Issues Second Special Schedule
CANCELLED Art of the Blog First EW: Tu, Th
  Calculus, Full Year - Part I First DAY: M, Tu, W
  Calculus, Full Year - Part II Second DAY: M, Tu, W
  Calculus III: Sequences, Series and Space (Group Contract) Full Special Schedule
  Chemistry, Organic Full DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Chemistry, Organic Lab and Spectroscopy Full DAY: M, W, Th
  Chernobyl and Ukraine: Recovery
from Catastrophe and the Renaissance of Nuclear Power
First Special Schedule
  College Biology: Cells and Molecules First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Consciousness and Health First Special Schedule
  Consciousness Studies Second EW: Tu, Th
  Critical Reasoning First DAY: M, W
  Digital Audio and Music Composition First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
CANCELLED Eco-Informatics: Databases, Analysis, and the Web: The Thousand Year Chronosequence and The LTERs Second EW: Tu, F, Sa
  Ecology of Pacific Northwest Forests Second EW: Tu, Th, Sa
  Forest to the Sea: A Survey on the Ecology and Management of Pacific Northwest Aquatic Ecosystems First EW: W, Sa
  General Chemistry with Laboratory First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Geography of the Pacific Northwest First Special Schedule
  Geology for Travelers (Independent Study) Full Special Schedule
  Geometry Full DAY: Tu, Th
  GIS: Theory and Practice First DAY: Tu, W
  Human Anatomy and Physiology Full EW: Tu, Th
CANCELLED The Makah Canoe: Documenting Indigenous Watercraft Second Special Schedule
  Marine Biology of the Pacific Northwest Second DAY: Tu, W, Th
  Math for Elementary Teachers First DAY: M, W
  Mathematical Origins of Life First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Physics: Heat, Light, Charge Second DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Physics: Motion and Energy First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Psychology of Dreams First EW: Tu, Th
  Statistics in Public Policy Second EW: M, Tu
  Statistics and Research Design, Intro First EW: M, W
  Statistics and Statistical Methods, Intro First EW: M, Tu
  Summer Ornithology: Birds in the Hand Second Special Schedule
  The Mathematics of Games First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th
  Water and Fire First DAY: M, Tu, W, Th, F
  Weather and Climate Second EW: Sa
  Web Design First EW: M, W
CANCELLED Web Development and Design for
First DAY: T, Th
  Wilderness First Responder First Special Schedule
  Writing Well: Persuasion and Style First DAY: Tu, Th


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