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African American Studies [clear]

Title   Offering Standing Credits Credits When F W S Su Description Preparatory Faculty Days of Week Multiple Standings Start Quarters
Gateways: Popular Education, the Arts, and Activism

Chico Herbison

African American studies American studies community studies cultural studies education 

Signature Required: Fall 

  Program SO - SRSophomore - Senior 16 16 Day FFall WWinter SSpring This program is part of the Gateways for Incarcerated Youth program. A fundamental principle of Gateways is that every person has talents given to them at birth; it is our job to encourage each other to search out and find our passions and gifts. Our work is guided by ideas of popular education. We recognize and value the knowledge and experience of each participant. The program works to strengthen notions of self and community through cultural awareness and empowerment. In connecting and building with people from other cultures and class backgrounds, each person becomes empowered to share their knowledge, creativity, values and goals. This program offers Evergreen students the opportunity to be peer learners with incarcerated young men in a maximum-security institution. Students will address issues of diversity, equality and critical thinking, along with other issues that are chosen by the young men who are incarcerated. At the same time, the Evergreen students will deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of popular education. Students in this program will have the opportunity to reflect on how they themselves learn as well as how others learn, as they gain experience in the facilitation of discussions and workshops. Students will work on designing, implementing and assessing the workshops. In the process of collectively shaping the Gateways seminar, students will also learn how to organize productive meetings and work through conflict. Each week the Evergreen students will visit one of two institutions for a cultural diversity and equality workshop, and a college class book seminar. Through the workshops we will explore various aspects of culture in order to understand ourselves and others as an important part of analyzing contemporary society and building egalitarian relationships. In preparation for the workshop, each week the Evergreen students will meet to organize the workshop’s activities. We will also take time each week to reflect on the previous workshop to assess how it worked and draw lessons for the next one. Throughout our work we will read, share and learn about various kinds of relative advantage ("privilege"), while also exploring cultural diversity and continually working to foster a space committed to equality. We will begin fall quarter with an examination of the history, forms, and functions of popular education. We then will explore the complex ways in which popular education intersects with the arts and how that intersection has been, and continues to be, often at the heart of both personal activism and social movements. In winter and spring quarters, we will continue to deepen our understanding of the intersections among popular education, the arts, and activism, culminating in a capstone project and presentation at the end of spring quarter. Building on our experiences, reflections and studies, each quarter students will take increasing responsibility for designing, implementing, and assessing the program, workshops and seminars. This program requires that all participants be ready to fully commit themselves to our common work and show a willingness to help build a community of learners. Students should expect to spend approximately 11 hours per week in class on campus and 5 hours per week off campus (including time at, and travel to and from, the institutions). cultural studies, the humanities, the arts, education, law, community work, social work, and American studies. Chico Herbison Sophomore SO Junior JR Senior SR Fall
Student Originated Studies: Center for Community-Based Learning and Action

Therese Saliba

African American studies Native American studies anthropology communications community studies cultural studies economics education environmental studies gender and women's studies history international studies law and government policy law and public policy leadership studies media studies outdoor leadership and education queer studies sociology sustainability studies 

Signature Required: Spring 

  SOS FR - SRFreshmen - Senior 16 16 Day SSpring community or youth organizing; community development; economic, racial, and gender justice; education; immigrant rights; international solidarity and International Studies; popular education; public policy; sociology; and queer studies.   Therese Saliba Freshmen FR Sophomore SO Junior JR Senior SR Spring
Student Originated Studies: Community Based Learning, Practice and Theory

Peter Bohmer

African American studies American studies anthropology community studies cultural studies economics education gender and women's studies government health history international studies law and government policy law and public policy leadership studies media studies political science sociology 

Signature Required: Fall 

  SOS SO - SRSophomore - Senior 16 16 Day FFall This is an opportunity for serious, responsible and self-motivated students to create their own courses of study and research which should include working with the broader community. Prior to the beginning of the quarter, interested students or student groups need to consult with the faculty about their proposed projects. The faculty sponsor will support student research, learning and practice in a cluster of areas linking economic justice and global justice with local, national and global social movements. There will be especially strong support for students developing projects that are connected to local communities, groups and organizations. Although students will register for this program, you will be primarily doing independent study and/or an internship. I will host this Student Originated Studies (SOS) through Evergreen's Center for Community Base Learning and Action (CCBLA). The CCBLA will serve as the center and support for this study-for learning about, engaging with and contributing to community life in the region. Students, through individual or group projects, will be able to link with social movements, non-profits, community groups, and economic and social justice organizations that focus on the issues listed above. I have substantial knowledge of and experience with local organizations, and experience working with students across the curriculum who are interested in learning through community based research, learning and activism. So does the CCBLA! We will meet weekly, either as the entire group or as subgroups interning at similar organizations or studying similar issues. At these meetings, there will be relevant presentations and workshops as well as time for problem-solving and sharing learning and experiences. During week 10, each student will make a presentation to the entire group on what he or she havs learned. anarchism, anti-poverty, anti-racism, anti-war, building social movements, community or youth organizing, community development, economic justice, education, healthcare, homelessness and affordable housing, immigrant rights, international solidarity, labor, Latin American studies and solidarity, law, Marxism, political economy, popular economics, popular education, public policy, sociology, and unemployment. Peter Bohmer Sophomore SO Junior JR Senior SR Fall