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Northwest Landscapes

Paul Butler and Peter Impara

ecology geography geology hydrology natural history 

  Program JR - SRJunior - Senior 16 16 Day WWinter The Pacific Northwest is one of the most geologically active regions on the planet, with landscape processes that have dramatic effects on its ecosystems. Our focus will be on the geologic history of the area, the processes and landscapes that are currently in evidence, and how these landscapes will adjust under various climate change scenarios. The primary learning objective for students in this program is to develop skill at investigating the interactions of geologic and ecological processes, and their effect on human culture. To address this objective, students will work in small groups to study these interactions in one of western Washington's drainage basins. Each group will produce a written scientific paper, and make an oral presentation to the rest of the program. Background for the projects will come from lectures, seminar, computers labs in GIS and statistics, and field trips. Topics to be covered will include: geology, hydrology, weather and climate, and geologic hazards and related disturbance events. Many of the assignments generated during the quarter willhave direct application to the drainage basin project.  In addition, students will write several seminar papers and take mid-term and final exams. It is important that students understand the commitment that this program requires. For upper division science credit, students must demonstrate mastery of program material and be able to appropriately incorporate scientific concepts and principles into their final project. ecology, geography, geology, hydrology and natural history. Paul Butler Peter Impara Tue Tue Tue Wed Wed Wed Thu Thu Thu Junior JR Senior SR Winter