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A Bachelor of Fine Art degree earned with high praise from the University of Washington first launched Daniel DeSiga into prominence in the Northwest. He has been consistently showing and lecturing since the mid-1970s. DeSiga's murals, graphics and oils include reflections of the worker, the bracero. The dominant work ethic of these Americans is what he aspires to present as a role model for all students and their contemporaries. Such strong visual images are recognized and shown across the country. Also varied Latino images as they influence and are influenced by mainstream America are produced by DeSiga.

Daniel DeSiga's works have appeared in such diverse institutions as the Denver Art Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Wight Art Gallery at the University of California in Los Angeles. His murals appear in Shifra Goldman's book, Walls of Fire. His paintings are published in Prentice Hall’s Literature for ninth grade, and their collage textbook, Classmates Three. Other school textbooks include McDougal Littell’s, The Language of Literature for 10th grade and Holt, Rinehart, and Winston’s series of literature textbooks, titled Elements of Literature for middle and high schools, grades six through twelve. DeSiga’s paintings are also included in the 1998 June issue of Southwest Art among others.

DeSiga's publications also include the book cover for Culture Y Cultura: Consequences of the U. S -Mexican war, 1846-1848 published in 1998 by the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

His collectors include Actor Lou Diamond Phillips and the National Museum of American Art/Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

His costume designs include the striking Native American costumes for the San Antonio Festival's Production of Mozart’s Magic Flute and San Antonio's Shakespeare in the Park, The Twelfth Night.

Visitors to state government offices across Washington State will see DeSiga's murals. His work has been brought into homes across the country on PBS broadcasts.

Daniel DeSiga lives where his art first sprang forth. Originally raised in Walla Walla he now lives in Yakima Washington. His work reflects a rich and colorful heritage, enriched through formal education at the University of Washington. His varied experiences include art production, museum and gallery management, and graphic design. These experiences were carried out while living throughout the United States In the years between his early budding and his return as a flowering artist, DeSiga has grown through producing many paintings and murals.

Daniel DeSiga nourishes his Latino and Native American roots with colors and images of the Northwest and Southwest. He worked as a curator of gallery exhibits in Seattle. He now works on commissioned work out of his gallery and studio in Toppenish, Washington. DeSiga completed a 15 x 100 ft. mural for the Toppenish Mural Society. His personal enrichment and inspiration now comes from his wife Xochitl Flores.



Present to past

Capital Theater, Yakima WA 2004 Mural 6 x 4 ft.

Toppenish Mural Society 2004 Toppenish WA, Two murals 12 x 20–group effort

Radio KADNA 2003 Granger WA mural 4 x 8 ft.

Toppenish Mural Society, 2001 Toppenish WA, mural 15 x 100 ft.

Toppenish Mural Society, 200 1 "Mural in a day" group effort.

Toppenish Mural Society 2000 " Mural in a Day" group effort

Baily Gatzerts Elementary School, 1999 Seattle WA, Mural 8 x 16 ft.

Wa He Lut Indian School 1998 Olympia WA, mural 10 x 40 ft.

El Centro de la Raza 1997 Seattle Wa, mural 18 x 45 ft.

Mozart's Magic Flute, '1989, Opera, coordinated mural back-drops, San Antonio Texas

Dinosaurs on Tour, '1988, two mural backdrops, Fresno California. 4 x 8 & 4 x 10

Toulouse Lautrec Exhibit, 1987 three mural backdrops, Fresno California. 8 x 8 ft. each.

Dia delos Muertos Exhibit 1987 mural backdrop, Fresno California. 8 x 20 ft.

Chihuahua bar & tortilla Factory 1986 two murals, Fresno California 10 x 25 & 8 x 10

Sanger Museum, 1986 Mural Diorama for logging history Sanger California 4 x 12

Hilton Hotel, 1985, Fulton Mall. Poolside Mural, Fresno California. 18 x 18

Olympia, WA. St. Employment Security Department, 1980, three murals 5 x 10 ft. each

Dept.of social Health Services Seattle WA, 1980 Super graphic 3 x 70

Nine ball Run billiard bar 1980, Olympia Washington mural 18 x '10 ft.

Gnu Deli Restaurant 1979, Olympia WA, mural partnership. 17 x 70 ft. & 15 x 50 ft.

Belltown, WA St. Employment Security Dept. 1979, Downtown Seattle WA. 8 x 16 ft

Ballard Dept. of Social and Health Service Office, 1978 Seattle WA. mural 10 x 15 ft.

Lynnwood WA St. Employment Security Dept. Office 1978, mural 5 x 44 ft.

Spokane, WA St. Employment Security Dept. 1978. Mural 5 x 30 ft.

Yakima, WA St. Employment Security Dept. 1978. Mural 4 x 40 ft.

Bellevue WA St. Employment Security Dept. '1977 mural 5 x 33 ft.

Ballard WA St. Employment Security Dept. 1977 mural 5 x 30 ft.

Rainier WA St. EI-np. Security Dept. 1977 two walls, super graphics 8 x 12 & 8 x 10 ft.

Assistant to the President Oregon St. University, 1976 Mural 4 x 6 ft

Colegio Cesar Chavez Lobby. Mt. Angle Oregon, Mural 1975 8 x 10 ft.

El Gato Loco Tavern, downtown Seattle, two murals 1974, 8 x 8 ft. one a partnership.

University of Washington, Lander hall 1970 4 x 4' 11".

Chicano Division, University of Washington. Office 1970 public painting 4 x 4 ft.

First Mural Ever, bedroom wall. 1967 Walla Walla. 8 x 10 ft.



Present to Past

El Sol De Yakima: August 12, 2004. Con un toque Latino. Article and photos of mural painted for the Capital Theater. By Eduardo Orbea Editor.

El Sol De Yakima: April, 2004. Front page article and photos. Article about Gallery in Toppenish. By Eduardo Orbea, editor.

Yakima Herald Republic: May 7, 2004: Entertainment Best Bets. Photos and story, More DeSiga art, a Showing At BJs Arts For You.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Marquee: January 1-7, 2004. A weekly guide to arts, entertainment and things to do. Full cover and double spread story and photos. By Jessica de los Reyes.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin Extra: January 1". 2004. Delivered free to non-subscribers by the Walla Walla UB News Paper. A story, "Daniel DeSiga brings life to art, art to life". By Jessica de los Reyes.

El Sol de Yakima: December 4, 2003 article "El Sarape" Toppenish mural. Also, a brief history and photos of the artist' paintings, Contact person Lourdes Miranda.

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin: November 27-December 3, 2003). Article in insert Marquee. "Artist's wildlife paintings on display". Contact person Jessica de los Reyes.

Houghton Mifflin Company: November 2003 ) for book, "Reflejos" By Renjilian. Painting published "Campesino". Contact person Linda Hadly.

Colors NW Magazine: October 2001. Article: Latino Artists, "Outside the Lines" Included artists history and back round, By Felicia Gonzales, Freelance Writer

Yakima Herald Republic: August 2001. Newspaper Article: Toppenish Mural, "El Sarape" published. "Mural No.60" Artist story by Ross Courtney, Voices Staff Writer.

The Toppenish Review & Independent: June 2001. 'Newspaper Article: Toppenish Mural, "EI Sarape" published. Completion Story By Doug Pace, Reporter.

Latino Northwest Magazine: August-September 2000. Cover & Article: A historical history of artist, Toppenish Mural, "El Sarape" published. By Mario & Martha Zavaleta, Reporters and Editors. A Publication of Washington, Oregon & Alaska

The Toppenish Review & Independent: September 2000. Neighbors Article: His Dream job. DeSiga paints Toppenish's first Hispanic mural. Toppenish Mural, "El Sarape' published. By Doug Pace, Reporter

Yakima Herald Republic: October 2000. Newspaper Article: Toppenish Mural, "El Sarape" published. Article included Artists history, by Gina Kim, Reporter.

San Francisco Chronicle: February 2000. Book Review. Painting, "Campesino" published. Reviewed by Gerald W. Haslam

UC Davis Magazine: Summer 2000. Painting, "Campesino" on Cover, and for article about Professor Heath Schenker's book "Picturing Californias Other Landscape: The Great Central Valley."

Haggen Museum Catalog: June 1999. Painting, "Campesino" published. Requested by Tod Rubstaller

Seattle Post - Intelligencer: August 1999. Article: "Garden Mural" published, Gatzert Elementary School, Seattle. Judi Hunt Reporter.

Western American Literature: April 1999. Journal. An issue on California. Painting, "Campesino" published. Requested by Sabine Barcatta, Managing Editor

Latino Northwest Magazine: September-October 1999, Painting, Campesino" published & article published about artist. Marta Zavaleta Reporter

Autry Museum of Western Heritage: Spur Magazine, June 1998, Painting, " Campesino" published on cover. Photograph courtesy of UCLA at the Armand Hammer museum of art and Cultural Center Los Angels California.

Los Angeles Times: Advertising Supplement, June 1998. Painting, "Campesino published in article about exhibit at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. By Debbe Behr Reporter.

Southwest Art Magazine: June 1998. Painting, "Campesino" published.

Hispanic Education and Media Group Inc: November 1995. Painting "Campesino published, A network created in developing solutions to the drop out problems among Latino youth in California. Margot M. Segura, Executive Project Director.

Austin American Statesman: December 1992. Painting, "The Cosmic Vergin" published for Virgin de Guadalupe Exhibit. "Local Copy" by Lisa Tro Reporter

The Fresno Bee: May 1992. Weekend Article: Artist Followed his dream to Santa Fe. A historical overview of artist Daniel DeSiga and his move to the Southwest. By, David Hale Bee Staff Writer.

Los Angeles Times: 1991 "Cesar Chavez Nurtured Seeds of Art" Painting, "Campesino Published (In full color) for Article on how he was a primary Nurturer of Chicano, Art throughout US. By Max Benavides', Essayist and critic, Special to the Times.

Sacramento Bee: Metro Editorials. 1989 Button design Published, "In Search for Mr. Con safos" RCAF Retrospective Poster Exhibition. Outsider Chicano, artists now insiders By John Robin Witt, Reporter

The Fresno Bee: Spotlight October 1988. Silk-Screen Print, "Dia de los Muertos" published on cover. For "Day of the Dead"' exhibit at the Fresno metropolitan Museum.

Chicano Art: resistance and affirmation; 1965-1985 Catalog edited by Richard Griswold del Castillo, Teresa McKenna, and Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano Painting, "Campesino" published. The Catalog was also published with the assistance of the Getty Grant Program.

Chicano Art: "Inside Outside the Masters House" 1998 Cultural Politics and the CARA Exhibition, by Alicia Gaspar de Alaba, Painting, "Campesino" published. The University of Texas.

White, Sid and Pat Matheny-White: "Chicano/Latino Art and Artists. A Regional Overview", Metamorphosis; Northwest Chicano Magazine of Art and literature IV (2) & V (1) (1982/1983):12-24 Painting, "Zapata's Vision", Poster, "Salude" Published.


Also Reprinted in:

Quirate, Jacinto: Chicano Art History; A Book of selected Readings, San Antonio: Research Center for the Arts and Humanities, The University of Texas at San Antonio. 1984. Reproduction of Painting "Chicano Farm worker" Published.

Chicano and Latino Artists in The Pacific Northwest: (exhibition catalog). Olympia Exhibit Touring Services, Painting, "Campesino", Mural, "El Centro", Poster " Fiestas Patria" Published The Evergreen State College 1984, pp. 21-22.

Peoples of Washington: Edited by Sid White and S.E. Solberg. Pullman. Washington State University Press 1990. Reproduction of "Campesino" published p.183.

Walls of Fire: By Schrifra Goldman. 1974 Mural in Seattle published. Hardbound book depicting the mural movement from Aztecs to present.



Present to past

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. November 2003. Painting "Campesino" published in the Spanish language textbook. Nuevos Mundos, 2e., by Ana Roca. For the illustration program of the book. Requested by Ramon Rivera Moret, Photo Editor

Multicultural America, 2001 November. Painting, "Campesino" published by Thomas Neiman Inc.'s Middle school multicultural literature anthology. Contacted by Corrine L. Johns Picture Researcher.

McDougal Littell The, 1999 December. Painting, "Campesino" published for Textbook, Language of literature grade 10. The authors Arthur Applebee, Judith Langer, et al copyright date 2000 print run of 40.000. Requested by Roberta L. Knauf.

Holt Rinehart and Winston, Inc School Division 1999, March. Painting, "Campesino" published in Visual Resources for Viewing Booklet 2000 and Recourses Manager CDROM. Requested through UCLA Hammer Museum, Amy Dove Curatorial Assistant.

Autry Museum of Western Heritage 1998 February Painting, "Campesino" published on hard bond cover. Titled Culture Y Cultura: Consequences of the U.S-Mexican War, 1846-1848. Painting also reproduced on: cover of Quarterly newsletter, Exhibit Invitation, A large banner displayed outside on museum, Exhibit foldout, ticket and other advertising. Painting displayed as show centerpiece. Suzanne G. Fox, Publications Director.

Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless themes. 1998, September, High school literature textbook. Painting, "Campesino" published by Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster Education group. Print run 40.000. Requested by Suzi Myers Media Resource School Division.

Scott Forsman: Here Is My Kingdom 1995, October edited by Charles Sullivan. Painting, "Campesino" published for Integrated Language arts - grade 6. Requested by Judy Ladendorf/C201 Picture Research Coordinator.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. Elements of Literature 1995 April, for middle and high schools, grades six through twelve. Painting, "Campesino" published by school division. It was included in the "Fine Art and Instructional Overhead Package" which accompanied book. Print run 5.000 Requested by Angi Cartwright.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. Elements ofLiterature and Language. 1995, November. Collection: Moments of Truth. Lit Title: Field Work. Painting, "Field Work" published. Print run 40.000 hard cover. Omni Researcher: Robin Raffer.

Penobscot School Publishing, Literature and the Language Arts. 1995. November

Painting, "Campesino" Published, Literature series. Print run 5,000 Requested by Heath O'Leary

Prentice Hall Literature. 1995 Collage textbook, Classmates 3 by Molinsky & Bliss. Painting, "Campesino" Published. Requested by Teri Stratford, Collage Photo Archives.

Prentice Hall Literature. Simon & Schuster Education Group. 1994 September. Painting, "Campesino" Published in classroom teaching tool "Character Education Posters " for their "Work poster ". The posters parallel the ten virtues outlined in William Bennett's "the Book of Virtues" Requested by Suzi Myers, Photo Researcher, Visual Research School Division.

Prentice Hall Literature, Simon & Schuster Education Group. 1993, December. Prentice Hall Literature, grade 9. Painting, "Campesino" published. Requested by Julie DeWitt photo researcher from Omni Communications.

Harry N. Abrams, Inc. NY publishers, "Hispanic-American Literature and Art for Youngpeople " 1993 January Painting, "Campesino" published. Requested by Mr. Neil Ryder Hoos picture editor.

America Illustrated U.S.I.A. 1992, December Painting, "Campesino" published. Requested by Ms. Laura Thurston.


Participated with other artists

Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation, 1965-1985 CARA Exhibit.

Painting "Campesino" toured with show.

A touring exhibition held at:

The Wight Art Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles, September 9 - December 9, 1990;

The Denver Art Museum, January 25 – March 18, 1991;

The Albuquerque Museum, April 7- June 9, 199 1;

San Francisco Museum of Modem Art, June 27 - August 25, 1991;

Fresno Art Museum, September 21 – November 24, 1991;

Tucson Museum of Art, January 19 - April 5, 1992;

National Museum of American Art, May 8 - July 26, 1992;

El Paso Museum of Art, August 23 - October 25, 1992;

The Bronx Museum of the Arts, March 2 - May 2, 1993;

San Antonio Museum of Art, May 29 - August 1, 1993.


300,000 People attended the exhibition

7,376 copies of the catalog were distributed

Over 10,000 kindergarten –12th grade public school curriculum packets

Over 1,000 exhibition videotapes were distributed nationwide

Request from publishers to include images from CARA Exhibit

27th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival, 1998 Seattle.

Memorial Day weekend May 22-25 at the Seattle Center. Norte Y Sur, un Solo Pueblo:

The Chicano/Mexicano Legacy into the Millennium. The Fine art exhibit was displayed

at the Seattle Center Pavilion, Seattle. Poster, "Colegio César Chávez, Mt. Angel Oregon,

exhibited. Also silk-screen poster, "Dia de Los Muertos" exhibited.

Katie Collins, Museum Manager. Annie Jamison, Producing Director


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