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The Evergreen State College Library Chicano/Latino Archive is a major research and teaching collection focused on Chicano and Latino Art and Culture in the Pacific Northwest. Housed in this archive are slides and other materials documenting personal and public artworks produced by regional artists during the 1970s and 1980s. Other resources in the collection document various forms of Chicano/Latino cultural expression. Also featured in the Archive are images of murals, posters and graphic art that were produced in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho during the 1970s. This artistically and culturally rich collection is fully described in the Guide to the Chicano/Latino Archive.

This web site is the first stage of a long-term project to present the Archive to a broad public. A high priority is to make the web site bilingual. In the future, images and information on all of the artists whose work was featured in Chicano and Latino Artists in the Pacific Northwest will be included in the web site. This was a groundbreaking exhibition that was produced at The Evergreen State College and toured around the region between 1984 and 1986. Another priority (and long-range goal) is to obtain and feature more information and images of works by regional Chicano and Latino artists that have been produced since the 1980s.

This web site features two artists whose works are represented in the Chicano/Latino Archive. These two regional artists are Mexican-born Alfredo Arreguín, an internationally renowned Latino artist, and Daniel DeSiga, a well-known Chicano artist born and currently living in Eastern Washington.

Also featured in this web site are four major sources of information providing full descriptions of the Chicano/Latino Archive and related research, publication, and exhibition projects: A Guide to the Chicano/Latino Archive provides a full report on the early research phase while also describing the archive contents; Chicano/Latino Art & Artists: A Regional Overview, published in Metamorfosis: Northwest Chicano Magazine of Art and Literature, is the first account of Pacific Northwest Chicano/Latino art and artists and also provides a complete record of the origins and beginnings of the project; Chicano and Latino Artists in the Pacific Northwest Exhibit Interpretive Panels provides cultural and historical information; Chicano and Latino Artists in the Pacific Northwest, an exhibition catalog with historical and cultural materials features the work of nine contemporary artists and essays by five humanist scholars.

This web site was designed and produced at The Evergreen State College by Brian Mathis, College Information & Media Designer, with help from Cody Hinchliff and Wendy Pope, Web Team assistants, using scanned and digitized archival materials organized by Jane Fisher, Head of the Sound and Image Library.

Cody Hinchliff is currently managing the web site. Pat Matheny-White, Emeritus Faculty Librarian, and Sid White, Faculty Emeritus provided planning and consultation support for the project.

Initial funding support for the project was provided by Friends of The Evergreen Library, FOEL, with other much appreciated forms of support provided by Susan Bustetter, College Web Manager, Judy Nuñez-Pinedo, Lead Graphic Designer, and members of the Project Advisory Group Faculty Member Alice Nelson, Faculty Librarian Ernestine Kimbro, and Randy Stilson, Archives Librarian.

Presently the extensive body of materials housed in the Evergreen Library Archives, and the Sound and Image Library, are not available for circulation. Information regarding their contents and access through onsite visits is available from Jane Fisher, Head of the Sound and Image Library and Randy Stilson, Archives Librarian.

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