Piezometers 2001

Group members Gavin Glore, David Short, and Aspen Madrone collect samples and record data. Absent from the picture is the group member Gail Fullerton, the resident photojournalist.

The Piezometers 2001 group undertook a project that attempted to take information from three previous analytical studies of Evergreen campus groundwater hydrology and combine them into a comprehensive, campus wide study area. The three sites are Houston Creek behind the B-parking lot, a wetland that stretches between Campus Parkway and Kaiser Rd., and the EPA monitoring wells located in the campus motorpool. To see a map of sites, copies of previous studies, and some photos, click on the links above.

A copy of the final research paper can be found here. Here is a look at the abstract to help you decide if this paper is worth reading.

This study adds baseline water chemistry analysis and additional hydrologic data to existing studies. The three sites of The Evergreen State College (TESC) campus: an adler forest, w wetland and a paved area with EPA monitoring wells. The study also includes maps to help clarify the location af existing piezometers and a geological description of the peninsular area where TESC is located. During winter quarter 2001 students from the Environmental Analysis program at TESC monitored the static elevation of water in existing piezometers, and analyzed water samples taken from each site fro anion concentration, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, conductivity, and pH. Both new and existing data were incorporated into the report