Environmental Analysis:

Applications of Chemistry and Geology to Issues of Surface and Ground Water

This program engaged students in geological and chemical studies of ecosystems. Themes dealing with geology, hydrology, analytical chemistry and Geographical Information System (GIS) were connected. Chemical and instrumental anaylysis were developed in an advanced labrotory. As an integral part of the class students perticipated in group projects putting theoritical applicaiotns to work in real world settings, (links below).


Rain Water Data


Grass Lake
A basline study of the topographical features and water quality of Grass Lake; Olympia, Wa

Mima Mounds of Thurston County
A Study of Evapotranspiration,Geologic History & Myths

Springer Lake
An initial analysis of water quality at a Capitol Land Trust conservation site

TESC Campus Piezometers
A continiuation and amalgamation of previous studies of TESC groundwater

Fuel Cells
Research report on fuel cell technology

Essential GPS information

Cartography Internship
An account of a Cartography Internship with The Department of Natural Resources.