Contemporary Social Issues: Analyzing Critically, Arguing Persuasively

Fall and Winter, 2004-05

Web Crossing for CSI

What is Web-X? 
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What is Web-X?

Web-X is the short name for Web Crossing, the trademark of software that enables communication through either "electronic message boards” (also referred to as “discussion sites”) or chat rooms.  At Evergreen, Web-X is also referred to as the “conference server.”  So, “Web-X,” “Web Crossing” and “conference server” are synonymous.  Of course, you can access our Web-X site from any place in the world where you can get Internet access. 

Communication in chat rooms is synchronous.  This means that everyone participating in a particular discussion is doing so at the same time; everyone is logged in and conversing simultaneously.  This is often referred to as "real time."  Communication in the electronic message board site is asynchronous.  This means that participation is not simultaneous; participants can log in, post a message, read a message or respond to a message at different times.  Obviously, asynchronous communication provides the greatest flexibility for accommodating varying work and study schedules. 

Unless a Web-X site is configured to allow guest access, an invited participant is unable to use the Web-X features.  To have access to these features, you must first register in Web-X.  This places you on a master electronic access list on Evergreen's Web-X server.  We can then place you on our program's Web-X access list. 

In week II of Winter Quarter, you will receive a thorough hands-on orientation on the use of Web-X.  We will also take your digital photo.  After you paste it in Web-X, it automatically will appear next to each of your postings in the Discussion site. 
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If you have previously registered in Web-X at Evergreen, you are already on the Web-X master electronic access list. You need not register again, unless you have forgotten your login name and password.  To register:
1) First you have to get to our program's site in Web-X.  Of course, you get there easily by clicking on the link in the blue box above.  However, in the future do not depend solely on that link.  If you do, you will be unable to get to our Web-X site if the server that hosts our home page happens to be down.  Web-X is on a different server.  So, get familar with the following alternative routes to our Web-X site: 

a) From the CSI home page.  Follow the link to Legislative Hearings Project, then from there, the link to CSI Web-X.
b) Type the URL "" or ""in your browser's address bar.  This will take you to the TESC Conference Server.  Click on the Academic Program Discussions folder link.  Then find the folder labeled "Contemporary Social Issues".

2) Once you are in the "Contemporary Social Issues" Web-X site, you are ready to register (not log in).  Click on the “register” link (blue underlined letters at the top of the screen) or click on the button labeled “Register”.  This will take you to the New User Registration site.
3) Type in your name, password and e-mail address in the appropriate box.  In the box for your name, type in your real name in the normal order, first name and then last name.  For example: Jane Doe.  In order to be able to use Web-X, you must remember not only your password, but also the exact way you wrote your name, including lower and upper case letters.  The Computer Center staff has no way of ascertaining or retrieving your password.  So, use a password you will remember.  Type in your password carefully.  If you think you made a mistake, delete and type again before you click on the “Register” button.  You must enter an e-mail address.  If you do not, you will receive a “Registration Failure” message.
4) Click on the “Register” button.  You will get a message that says “Registration Complete.”  Click on the “OK” button.  After we put you on the our access list, you will have full access to our site.  Until then, you have guest access to look around.
5) If you wish, you may then click on the “Preference” button and look around at the various options there.  You will see various types of optional information that you can type in.  The personal information will be available to others when they click on your picture.  Under Chat Preferences (near the bottom of the page) enable "Java Applet Chat" as the chat room display method.  In the Preferences page, you can also change your password.  Please do not change any other default settings.  When you are done, don't forget to click the "Set Preference" button at the bottom of the page. 
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