Contemporary Social Issues: Analyzing Critically, Arguing Persuasively

Fall and Winter, 2004-05

Winter Writing Assignments

Week I, Friday, I Jan. 14:
[For Chuck's students only, 1-2 pages] Either Write a “letter to the editor” addressing some aspect of US policy in the Middle East that calls on your knowledge of what happened there in the period surrounding WWI. OR Write the opening of your essay due on Jan. 21

Week II, Friday, I Jan. 21:
Turn in a 4-5 page essay that answers, "What were the main characteristics of British Foreign policy for the Middle East from roughly 1914 to the end of 1916, when Lloyd George became Prime Minister, and what were its primary consequences and outcomes? "

Week IV, Friday, Jan. 28 [revised, 1/15]:
Turn in a 4-5 page essay that answers,"What are the main lessons that you think modern policy makers should draw from the policies, practices and experiences of the British under the leadership of the David Lloyd George?"

Week VII, Monday, Feb. 14:
Turn in two things: (1) a one-page prospectus of your ethnography; (2) an abstract, put together by your LH group, of the testimony you will give - showing who will argue what, and for each person testifying, what will be the principal arguments and evidence. Both of these should be clear, concise and clean (free from error).

Week VIII, Tuesday, Feb. 22: [Discuss this assignment with your seminar leader: what you're asked to do depends on whose seminar you're in.]
Turn in a 5-6 page essay that synthesizes your reading for the quarter. This should be a thesis driven essay, offering your refelctions on the shape and implications of US foreign policy in the Middle East. Please draw on a wide range of supporting examples. This is the alternative to a final examination (no final exam this quarter) and your opportunity to show how well you have learned what we have studied.

Week IX, Monday, Feb. 28:
Bring seven copies of your written testimony you have prepared for the Legislative Hearings: one for each faculty (3) and one for each member of your hearings panel (4). The expectation of the faculty is that the written testimony for each side of the argument will be about ten pages in length.

Week X, Monday, March 7:
Turn in your ethnographic essay, along with your field journal.



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