Week four (Jan. 26 & 29)

I think Sunday in the Park, though it might strike you as radical, is meticulously formed--as formed as the picture. Yet, its surface is a little...heady...
     In philosophy of art, generally, I'm conservative. My beliefs are conservative, but my work is not. That's the kind of art I like."               
                    --Stephen Sondheim

Before turning out attention to Stephen Sondheim and Sunday in the Park with George, we will seminar on the performance of Ma Rainey. Among the questions we will discuss:
     --How does your understanding of the play (from reading) evolved as a result of the production?
     --The design of the production is different from the original. What impact did the design have on staging? Also, how did the design impact character?
Cornell boxes: please bring a one-page description of the work you've done on the box

Television projects: we will discuss further in class. Here is a bit more information to add to the handout:
     --Remember, you must first formulate a question that will guide your research.
     --We want to cover as wide a field as possible, not repeat one another. Thus far we have a number of possible subjects on the table. Some of these have been proposed and some are suggestions from me. They include: interactivity in video games and theatre, the internet as a performance medium, the history of television and the history of film in relation to theatre, the role of the audience, live television and theatre. There are many other possibilities but these are a few good examples.
     --Your group will be responsible for 45-60 minutes, with each person being responsible for some carefully chosen aspect of the topic. That time includes any screening materials.
     --You should plan on writing at least one page detailing what you did in the group. In addition to your analysis and conclusions, you must cite your sources.

Dead Man Walking: Excerpts from the libretto of the opera are now on the calendar of the webpage.

Sunday in the Park with George: Libretto is linked in the calendar as well. Please read for Wednesday and Saturday

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