•   Excellent attendance and full participation in all program activities
  •   Completed assignments turned in on time:
    •  1.)  Weekly response paragraphs to reading and/or screening assignments.
    •  2.)  Cornell Box with descriptive paragraph and presentation.
    •  3.)  Group research project  and presentation:  "Considering Television"
    •  4.)  Reflective essay -- classroom draft and finished essay, 6-8 pages.
  •   Completed portfolio to include all work:  Cornell box, Reflective essay and response paragraphs,      lecture notes, group project materials, self-evaluation, and faculty evaluation.
  •   Field trips: attend performances of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and The Secret in the Wings at the      Seattle Rep.  Your cost for tickets is $10 per performance.   If you are unable to go on the field trip,       you are required to attend a performance BEFORE the class meets to discuss.
  •   Evaluation Week:  Students should plan to be on campus during Evaluation Week (March 14-18) for      their scheduled Evaluation Conference.  Evaluation conferences will be scheduled during normal      class hours during evaluation week.

The Cornell Box:  is a "hand-made" response to one of first three stage works we examine (Vogel, Wilson or Sondheim).  Think of the Cornell box as a creative embodiment of play analysis, as a way to reveal theme, guiding metaphor, character, conflict and other topics.

Weekly response and ten-minute briefing:  the class will be divided into two sections.  Each group will be asked to write a one paragraph response to a topic that will be posed in advance of the reading  and/or screening assignment.   You will also be asked to pose a major point or question in your paragraph.  On the day your paragraph is due, you will meet with a partner to share your findings before turning in the assignment.   

Group research projects:   You will be asked to form groups of four to research a topic that examines the stage in relation to television.   As a group you need to formulate a question that will guide your research.   You will present your findings in the sixth week of the quarter (see calendar).   The work will involve: primary literary sources and materials for screening, a group presentation of the topic where each participant will present some primary source and aspect of the topic--carefully chosen--and interpret it for us.  

Reflective essay: This is a 5-7 page reflection that articulates the conclusions you have come to about stage and screen.   How has your understanding of the subject evolved?   How has your thinking about the mediums of theatre, opera and musicals evolved in the relation to film and television?

**Please note.  You are required to screen all assigned DVDs and videotapes prior to the class when they will be discussed.   A simple way to do this is to attend the weekly screening on Saturday mornings.   This will save you a trip to campus, allow you to see the material on a large screen, and give you an opportunity to discuss the material over lunch before we meet at 1 pm.   The screenings will take place in the same room as our classes - A1107.







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