Asian Culture and Arts - 2005-2006




Fall Quarter Activities - Week Three


Announcements: The first female Tuvan throat singing ensemble to perform in the United States is coming to South Puget Sound Community College on Saturday, October 15, 2005. Tuvan throat singing involves the simultaneous performance of more than one tone by a single vocalist. Generally speaking, the men are the famous singers who have traveled all over the world. This is a unique opportunity to hear how the women sing, and to -- of course -- experience this remarkable singing style in person.

Location: South Puget Sound Community College Center for the Arts Auditorium
Saturday, October 15, 7:30 pm
South Puget Sound Community College
Center for the Arts Auditorium
2011 Mottman Rd. SW, Olympia, WA
$15 general, $7 students

MAHABHARATA WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Your first writing assignment will be due this week, on Thursday, October 13, at the end of class.

Here is the assignment: Take one scene from the epic after the Kauravas and Pandavas (Duryodhana and the five Pandava brothers) appear in the text and write the scene out as a performable dialogue. Understand the characters as described in the text, visualize them in action and speech. Then write the dialogue. Then re-write that scene from a different point of view--feminist, the underdog, or anything else that makes you think of a variant perspective. You may choose any scene that you like. However, if you are at a loss, some of the scenes I would suggest are:
1. The archery contests-particularly the scene in which Karna appears.
2. The dice game-before, after, or during.
3. The machinations of Duryodhana.
4. Duryodhana, Shakuni, and Karna convincing King Dhritarashtra.
5. Any of the battle scenes, particularly when Arjuna decides to give up arms.
6. The aftermath of the battle-where the philosophy of the MHB is expounded.
7. Yuddhisthira's visit to Hell.
There is a chart in your books that gives the lineage so that it is easy for you to address the various characters as “Uncle,” “Son,” “Nephew” etc. In the seminar on Wednesday (October 12), we will produce your scripts as a rough readers' theatre. Then you have 24 hours to re-write if necessary.

Also, on Thursday, October 13, a performance of the Orissa Dance Academy will take place in the Experimental Theater in the Communications Building. Dr. Sunil Kothari continues his residence with the program.


The Mahabharata of Vyasa, by P. Lal. Continued use.
Pancha-Kanya: The Five Virgins of Indian Epics, by Pradip Bhattacharya. 2005.

Tuesday, October 11

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 323 (Tsutsumi) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts; note: Tsutsumi-sensei's classes begin at 11:00.

1-4: Com 107 - India (Ratna Roy)

Wednesday, October 12

10-12: Com 310 (Tsutsumi), Com 320 (Roy), Com 323 (Jang), Com 338 (Williams)

Seminars on themes introduced by the readings

1-3: rehearsals, films, and independent practice on your own

Thursday, October 13

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 323 (Tsutsumi) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts.

1-4: Lecture Hall 3 - India (Ratna Roy)

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