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These links will take you to the Library of Congress website (continually maintained and updated) for the country in question. From there, simply scroll through the various links on religion, politics, arts, history, languages, education, etc. Locate the image that represents your country of interest. And in case it's challenging to figure out which image belongs to which country, here's a hint: the horizontal gongs belong to the Indonesian musical ensemble called gamelan; the large white building is the Taj Mahal of India; the great wall belongs to China, and the temple belongs to Japan.

Asian Films:

Asian Film Connections

Internet Movie Database: India

Internet Movie Database: Indonesia

Internet Movie Database: China

Internet Movie Database: Japan

Asian Theater:

Chinese Theater Links

Japanese Theater Links

Indian Theater Links

Indonesian Theater

Puppet Theater Links

Asian Dance:

AsianInfo (Dance links)

Ratna Roy's Orissi Dance Page

Southeast Asian Dance Traditions

Asian Music:

American Gamelan Institute


Indonesian Gamelan Page

Chinese Music

The Internet Chinese Music Archive

New [Chinese] Music Web

Art India Net

Music India Online

Cyber Sangeet (Indian Classical Music Online)

UT Japanese Music Page

Early Japanese Music

Japanese Traditional Instrumental Music

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