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Fall Quarter Activities - Week Four


Dr. Sunil Kothari continues his residence with the program.
Your second integrative essay will be due next week, on Thursday, October 27 at the end of class. Here is your assignment, which you should start this coming weekend and complete after you have done the readings for both weeks and heard the lectures. Choose a single, specific theme (for example: love, blood, honor, sex, duty, death, family, land, corruption, religion, nature, politics) and write about how that one theme is explored in Indonesian culture and arts. Refer specifically to our program's writings, lectures, seminar conversations, and films. You can do some outside research as well. Every culture wrestles with these themes. The key question is, what makes that particular theme Indonesian (as opposed to Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or American)? Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, typed, double spaced, with normal margins and an obvious introduction and conclusion. Do not forget to give your paper a title (and it shouldn't be titled "Second Integrative Essay").


Read the "Waves of Cultural Influence" article from The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 4 (Southeast Asia), edited by Terry E. Miller and Sean Williams. Two copies of this article will be on reserve in the library, and the volume that it comes from is in the reference section. Also, please read the synopsis of the Ramayana and the contemporary short stories Considering the Kurawas and The Season of Rambutan. Note that there are as many versions of the Ramayana as there are of the Mahabharata, with many subsidiary stories!

Tuesday, October 18

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 326 (Tsutsumi) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts; note: Tsutsumi-sensei's classes begin at 11:00.

1-4: Com 107 - Lecture: Waves of Cultural Influence in Indonesia (Sean Williams)

Wednesday, October 19

10-12: Com 310 (Tsutsumi), Com 320 (Roy), Com 323 (Jang), Com 338 (Williams)

Seminars on themes introduced by the readings

1-3: rehearsals, films, and independent practice on your own

Thursday, October 20

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 326 (Tsutsumi) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts

1-4: Lecture Hall 3 - Lecture/Film: The Ramayana in Indonesia (Sean Williams)

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