Arts, Environment and the Child: Walking the Wheel of the Seasons

Project Presentation

Presentation Outline
Amy Pille
Art, Environment, and the Child
Winter 2006


*This presentation will be in coordination with Gea, because we did our school component together. We will each discuss our separate projects first; then discuss our work at Concord Elementary together.

*We need to go on Wednesday March 15th due to my absence on the 18th, and another lesson plan to be carried out next week, which we will put into our presentation. (On the 18th I will be traveling back to the Midwest for my Grandparents 50th anniversary/ family reunion.)

*We will be doing a beautiful power point presentation.


 My Work With The Nature Consortium

(approximately 5 minutes)

1. Introduction
         What is the Nature Consortium? How did I get involved?
2. Observing Classes
         Discuss the classes NC puts on and my experience in them.
3. Field Trips
         Discuss the field trip I went on.
4. Conclusion
         Summarize my experience and reflection, and discuss next quarter.


































Our Work Within Concord Elementary
(approximately 10 minutes)

We will discuss our observation, lesson plans, experience and reflections on working with this school.



















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