Science Carnival (INS 2006/07 Program)

Expectations for Week 9:

  • You are required to write a description of your science carnival project (this will be in your formal evaluation so do this carefully) and of the members of your project team (will also become part of your evaluation) by 9 a.m. on Monday of week 10. Please submit this to your project supervisor.
  • You should be more than 95% of the way through your project. It is time to finalize and print the poster. Practice your talks.
  • Be prepared to attend both days of the Science Carnival - Friday and Saturday of week 9 (june 1, 2) from 10-3.

    All students in INS will participate in the Fourth Annual Evergreen Science Carnival. During the spring quarter, students working in small groups will develop a lab based or library based project for presentation to middle-high school students at the science carnival.

Please download this time line for the science carnival. You are expected to meet the goals outlined in the time line. Each student group is expected to fill out a feed back form to let the faculty know about their progress.

Lab schedule for spring quarter
A sample of projects from former science carnivals

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