Winter 2008 Useful Documents

Week 10
Portfolio Contents (slightly updated from Syllabus)
Article on the Psychological and Spiritual Development of Teachers

Week 9
Contract Projects Book: A Collection of Individual Research Projects
Conference Flyer : sessions, rooms, presenter information

Education Law Database by Rich Coker
Template for PGP/Video Powerpoint Presentation

Week 8
Presenter Feedback Form for next week -- for you to use, adapt, or you can create your own

Week 7
Woodland Park Zoo Teacher Workshops

Week 5
Reading: Culturally Responsive Teaching
Prompt: Autoethnography on Religion

Weeks 3 & 4
Conference Book-- All Masters Papers
Conference Flyer (1 page)
Conference Attendance sign up

Week 2
Issues of Abuse Quiz Answers: (in Word)(in HTML)
Typical Ability Prompt

Week 1
Notes from ProCert/PGP Workshop as a Power Point
PGP Self Assessment
Professional Growth Plan Form

Contract Project Information
Contract Project -- Contract Form -- for final submission

Council for Exceptional Children Website

Video Workshop Signup
Video Workshop Handout

Website for Special Ed Reserve Readings