Week 1

Tuesday morning: welcome back and leadership workshop

Tuesday afternoon: Jung to page 114

Wednesday: 5R in CRC 117

Thursday morning: one-on-one conferences with faculty.

Thursday seminar: STARTS at 2:30! Jung to page 299

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Spring Quarter Texts


Here's the book order for spring quarter:

wk 1 - Jung: Tu. to p.114, Th. to p.299
wk 2 - Finish Jung for Tuesday, NYT Article for Thursday
wk 3 - Dreambody
wk 4 - Tibetan book of Living and Dying
wk 5 - This is your Brain on Music
Wk 6 - Tao of Leadership
Wk 7 - Book of your own choice (suggestions available)
wk 8 - Sabbath

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