Our greatest challenge is how to live a humane existence in inhuman times — Joseph Campbell

Awakening the Dreamer, Pursuing the Dream is designed to help students meet this challenge. To do so, we will focus on the individual's relation to self, society, leadership and the creative process. This program is intended for students who seek to explore and refine their core values in a context where they can act upon them with increasing awareness and integrity.

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A Beautiful Ending

Thanks for a fantastic year of learning, growth, and change. We wish you all well on your journeys and hope you will stay in touch.

- Cynthia and Terry

Week 10 - Our last week...

Monday - food committee is meeting Terry at his office at 2 p.m. to buy food for the retreat.

Tuesday morning (10 am - come on time): We will gather for breakfast and connect again in community. Breakfast potluck. Cynthia and Terry are bringing a pancake griddle, plates and utensils and tea (if you bring your own plate/fork/cup then we use less disposibles). Selena/Louis are bringing some pancake mix. Everyone else is bringing good stuff to add to that.

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Week 8 (or week 28!) - our last week of "regular" class

I'm happy for a taste of spring! Here's what's on the schedule for the last week:

Tuesday morning - Bring to class these assignments:

  • 3 copies of your Sabbath chapter
  • 3 copies of the rough draft of your paper

Tuesday seminar (we will begin in Terry's room at 2:15) - Sabbath

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Week 7

Tuesday morning:  Remember to bring your journals and any colored pencils/pens you have.  You will be working on the piece of your program evaluation that talks about experiential movement.  We will also cover some leadership topics and work on the display of our self-portraits in the CAB

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A Partial List of Suggested Reading Materials for Week 7

Emotional Intelligence, Goldman

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Tuesday AM, Guest Maori Artist June Grant

Tuesday PM, Seminar - This is Your Brain on Music

Wednesday 10AM NO CLASS This is a time to work on your paper, the draft of which is due next Tuesday, May 6

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Week 4

Tuesday morning - 11-1 with James Luna in Lecture Hall 1

Tuesday afternoon - seminar

Wednesday - Wave and Percussion workshop with Terry - CRC 117

Thursday morning - 10-1 - Procession Studio - EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE THERE!!!

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Week 3

Hey everyone - thanks for a great week and lots of inspiration and passion at the Procession studio during week 2. Read all of this posting to get the full picture of what lies ahead. Remember the written assignment for Thursday (see below).

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Week 2

Tuesday morning: Finish leadership workshop. Bring your self-esteem notes.

Tuesday afternoon: Last Section of Jung

Wednesday - 5R. Bring your journals and art supplies

Thursday morning: Procession workshop - info to follow

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