Week 3

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Hey everyone - thanks for a great week and lots of inspiration and passion at the Procession studio during week 2. Read all of this posting to get the full picture of what lies ahead. Remember the written assignment for Thursday (see below).


10 am - seminar in our regular rooms . We will be covering the articles from last Thursday AND Dreambody. Cynthia's seminar should prepare questions from either. CK's seminar also should turn in typed copies of their paper topics.

2-5 pm - guest lecturer - Rebecca Chamberlain. Recital Hall - COM 107. There is an article you could read (optiona) in our downloadable files, called The Earth is Our First Teacher. Rebecca sent it to us for you if you are interested.

She is also recommending this short article:


Wednesday - 5R

Thursday 10 am - Procession Studio. You know what and where.

Thursday 2-5 seminar - regular space. Assignment - Please prepare a typed paper on the following to be turned in during seminar:

Look for ways that Jung (in Dreams, Memories, and Reflections) and Mindell (in Dreambody) work with related ideas, then describe the similarities and differences in how they address these ideas. Also describe how reading Jung helps you understand Mindell, and how reading Mindell helps you understand Jung. Finally, describe how you can apply concepts in either one or both of these texts to your own life. GO DEEP!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Sunday night, April 20th, 8PM in CRC 116, we will take part in the Kirtan event with David Stringer. Check out his website below:


Week 4:

Monday April 21st - class from 10-12 with David Stringer. Location TBA.

Tuesday, April 22nd - class from 11-1 only in Lecture Hall 1. Presentation by James Luna on Performance Art- check out his amazing web site:







Submitted by kennedyc on Thu, 04/10/2008 - 10:31pm.
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