It is paradoxical that the artist is one who is poised on the cusp of silence and non-silence. She is the one who is closest and yet furthest from silence. In painting, I have experienced instants of silence when “I” ceases and there is only the awareness of being and movement. But these have been punctuations in an otherwise willful, purposeful, intentional action?that of “creating” art. Lun-Yi Tsai from Silence/Stories designed by Ralph Lichtensteiger

August 1, 2007

Summer Greetings to all of you registered or waitlisted for Made for Contemplation,

We’re writing with updated information that might be useful as you plan for the fall, winter and spring quarters of the 07-08 academic year.

Be present at the first day of class! We have a full program and a full waitlist. We also have heard from many students wanting into the program who are not able even to get on the waitlist. However, experience tells us that registration lists and waitlists change throughout the summer and especially the first week of classes. Our policy will be to give priority to the students who are present in class at our first meeting. Because we want to get into our work immediately, we will fill our roster with students who are present the first day of class. Whether you are registered, waitlisted, or waiting to be waitlisted, you must be present the first day of class. Contact the faculty if for some compelling reason you are registered but unable to be in attendance. This program is designed for two quarters of full-time study (48 hours per week). One of us, Sarah, will be available in the spring for supporting continued individual contract work in areas related to MFC (Made for Contemplation). In respect for the program and your peers, please plan to remain a participant in our learning community for two quarters and please stay current on your actual registration intentions. Your thoughtfulness will be of benefit to others.

Please check updates to the website and note changes to our program booklist and schedule

*We will be scheduling field trips on Tuesdays; please allow for flexibility on this day.

Email You will need an e-mail account for program business and as of this year email is the official mode of College communication. All Evergreen students are assigned an e-mail account. You can find out how to use this account at

Because of difficulties with junk mail scanning, especially in relation to commercial email servers and the use of class elists, please get and use your Evergreen account for all program and campus business. It is your responsibility to ensure that your e-mail account is functioning.

Once you have your Evergreen account, please sign up for our program elist. Do this by sending an email to

This line (above) goes in the address line. Do not include any message. After receiving a response prompt, confirm your intention to subscribe.

We also have a program website, which is currently—and will remain throughout the summer--a work in progress. Link through from the Evergreen College website’s homepage by searching for Made for Contemplation.

Finally, have a great rest of the summer. Evergreen faculty are on 10 (not 12) month contracts, so we’ll also be on break until two weeks before classes begin. Our first day of class is Tuesday, September 25th. Rooms are not yet assigned for fall, please check the College website for the location in September.

We look forward to meeting you,

Joe Feddersen, Laurie Meeker, Sarah Williams