Seminar Image Inquiry – This is your TICKET to seminar. If you don’t have it you won’t be able to participate in the seminar. The seminar image inquiry assignment requires that you prepare for seminar by reading each week’s readings carefully and getting curious about an image related to this reading. For example, you might want to find footage of Doris Totten Chase’s video art or images of Mark Tobey’s “white writing.” Or, you might want to find images inspired by Morris Graves’ bird paintings being done by contemporary artists. If you are inspired to create your own art, you may bring this to seminar to display on the walls surrounding the tables where you must also place a found image that inspired your work. Along with whatever image you have found and reproduced for us to see, you must craft an inquiry statement to place next to this image. This piece of writing should be a succinct—200 words of less—description of your process of engagement, curiosity, and research. What image were you drawn to explore and why? How does the image relate to the assigned seminar text? What about this image would you like to discuss with peers and faculty during seminar? Be sure to do sufficient research and cite your sources using a scholarly format both for the image and your writing. Like all writing this quarter, your inquiry should be peer reviewed by two members of MFC; it should be typed, double-spaced and spell-checked. Another option is to have it peer reviewed by one member of MFC and by a tutor in the writing center. In both cases, you are to summarize the comments and include with the drafts you turn in. The first draft of the seminar image inquiry is due each Monday for the peer review. We will begin seminars by viewing each student’s image and inquiry, which will be placed on the seminar tables. A second copy of your final draft and your image (along with the first draft and peer comments) must be turned in to your seminar leader at the start of Wednesday seminars: this is your “ticket.”