CREATIVE STUDIO WORKSHOPS: during winter quarter, the four-week workshops are designed to cultivate our awareness of the meditative mind, the perceiving mind, and the creative mind through three different forms of practice – yoga nidra, collage/studio practices and video.

Weeks 1-4 – Yoga Nidra, Collage and Contemplative Video

Yoga Nidra: This workshop is designed to cultivate the capacity for, and appreciation of silence as well as the numinous through the practice of yoga nidra, which includes body sensing, breathing practices, deep relaxation, meditation, and self inquiry. We’ll put aspects of the Taittiriya Upanishad (the foundation text of yoga nidra) into conversation with the art of the NW mystics as well as aspects of Joseph Cornell’s art, namely his bird boxes and Charles Simic’s poetic response to them, in order to explore ways in which our own experiences are “made for contemplation.”

Collage: The collage workshop investigates visual language and composition. Classes will mix demonstrations and video screenings followed by discussions and critiques. Each student will be encouraged to make a body of work incorporating other media like drawing, painting or photography with the collage media.

Contemplative Video: This workshop is designed to engage digital video production as a practice and as a way to develop a sense of contemplation in relation to the moving image. We will learn to work with basic digital video cameras through weekly shooting assignments, and will learn basic file management and digital video editing techniques.

Weeks 5-9 – Yoga Nidra and Contemplative Video will repeat; Studio Practices offered.

Studio Practices will replace Collage during the second half of the quarter: this workshop is designed to provide students with a time to refine skills and develop a body of work. (This is not designed for students to develop new skills.) Students will need to submit a proposal of study, outlining an area of studies and activities in any area of the arts in which students are proficient, including a timeline and budget. Attending weekly critiques is required. Proposal of Study due to Joe Feddersen’s faculty mailbox in Lab I by 5pm Wednesday Feb 6 (week 5).


Yoga Nidra
Video II