Volunteer/Internship Resources

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 Internship contract content

Attached below you will find notes on what to include in your internship contract.  See also the sample internship contract forms located on Evergreen's website under Current Students/Academic Advising/Individual Study.

Left Foot Organics volunteer opportunity

"We are in need of some help on Wednesday and Thursday coming this winter with supporting our growers. This support can be half-day commitment 9-12 or a full day commitment 9-3. This position would involve students supporting a grower with autism with composting chores on Wednesday, supporting a grower with Down syndrome with harvesting and other farm related task. This is great opportunity for students to see a full functioning farm and help serve their community members. We are in desperate need right now and need all the support we can get this winter."  Contact Chriset at CCBLA (Sem 2, E2) for more info.

Western State Hospital Internship Opportunities

From Dan Holdwick, PhD:

"WSH can provide training opportunities for undergraduate students primarily as assistant group leaders and activity assistants during the Jan - March 2008 time period. The majority of students would be working with civilly committed adult patients (3/4 of the hospital population), with some limited opportunities also likely available in the forensic center. Other opportunities would be for students interested in job coaching or vocational therapy, and in programming for patient-guided drop-in centers.

Groups are provided from roughly 9 - 11 am and 1 - 3 pm in each area. Working with an assigned coleader / mentor on developing a group and/or charting would be additional roles that students would complete. Attached are brochures from each center to give an idea of topics covered at each center. We cannot guarantee that all therapists would have interest in students as coleaders at this time or that the current list of groups will be provided in the next quarter; though by January 2008 we will have these identified for students.

In addition to observing groups, we hope that students would be interested in observing clinical team meetings. We also hope that some staff would be interested in having students observe some clinical tasks, such as clinical interviews.

WSH could take between 6 and 10 students per recovery center (there are 4 on campus) and an additional 4 to 6 students in the drop-in center and vocational programming areas.

There are several steps a student interested in completing an unpaid internship must do in order to be on campus. These are:

1.      Complete a brief interview with WSH staff [based on students stated interests]

2.      Complete a background check
3.      Once accepted, students need to complete the following training (in January before beginning on campus activity):

a.      Blood Born Pathogens

b.      Public Disclosure
c.      HIPAA
d.      TEAM training

[training requires approximately 3 days]

Please note that students interested in paid Work Study at WSH must work with Penny Harrison (x2815). Limited funds are available for this and may or may not be available at the time of request."

See attachments below.

The following organizations will be participating in panel discussions with our program. Many of them have expressed interest in hosting interns Winter quarter. Please do a little research on these organizations before the panels so you're prepared with informed questions.

Tuesday Oct. 23 10-12 (Gleaners Coalition and Camp Quixote)

Tuesday Oct. 23 1:30-3:15 (Welfare Rights, Habitat for Humanity, CHOICE Regional Health Network, Statewide Poverty Action Network, CIELO, and Bread and Roses)

Tuesday, Oct. 30 10-12 (SOCK Youth Center, Mason County Literacy, Gateways for Incarcerated Youths, and Sea Mar Health Clinic)

Tuesday, Oct. 30 1:30-3:15 (Lori Nesmith from Green Hill School)

Tuesday, Nov. 6 1:30-3:15 (Stonewall Youth, Planned Parenthood, SafePlace, The Birth Attendants, and hopefully UCAN)

Here are some places to begin your search for volunteer and/or internship opportunities. Please share other resources you find with your program community.

See attachment below for independent living skills internship description, posted 10-22-07.


  • Art & culture
  • Community development
  • Environmental/sustainability
  • Health & wellness
  • Urban youth/education
  • Women & families


  • Making a difference at home


  • A year of service work at several sites.


  • International volunteer projects
  • United Nations volunteer projects
  • United service organizations