Submitted by Toska Olson on Sun, 03/30/2008 - 11:31am.

Welcome to spring quarter! 


Kiva update: the four entrepreneurs we initially chose to loan to have all been fully funded!  I've chosen four more entrepreneurs, and our program loaned $25 to each, plus a $10 donation to kiva to cover their operating costs.  Here are the folks we have supported through our loans:

At Khin, a 62 year-old silk weaver from Cambodia with 9 children.

Saodat Qalbarova from Tajikistan.  She's a 44 year-old farmer with 5 children whose wheat harvest failed last year due to weather.  The loan will help pay her rent.

Pablino Arevalos, a 41-year-old divorced father of 2 from Paraguay.  The loan will help pay for taxi repairs and tires.

Busei A south b group in Uganda.  This is a group of cattle and poultry entrepreneurs led by Hasifa Nangobi, a 35 year-old with 10 children.

Thank you all for your generosity!  Feel free to email me for updates on how our loans are progressing.


Congratulations on finishing the program! 

At our last session, we collected nearly $70 to loan to Marhamat Toshmatova of Tajikistan for her clothing business through Kiva.  What a wonderful legacy for the "Self and Community" program!  If you'd still like to contribute to this fund, you can do so during your evaluation conference. 

Thank you for a great year!


The peer evaluation forms for the LSG/Program Synthesis Project, Social Justice Teaching Project, and SOS groups are available for you to download under ASSIGNMENTS.  Check the syllabus and/or assignment handouts for due dates. 

The portfolio check-list is also available under ASSIGNMENTS.


The results of our org. eval. and solutions workshop (for "Two Hands Agency") are now available for you to download under spring handouts. 


The results of our organizational evaluation workshop are now available for you to download (see "handouts").  You can use these materials to inform the community psychology components of your organizational evaluation. 

Monday's lecture notes are available for you to download.  See "lecture notes."

Please bring a copy of your organizational evaluation draft (Section 2 of the program synthesis project) to class Tuesday afternoon.  Also bring Dalton.

A copy of our collaborative summaries of Dalton's chapters and our definitions of community psychology is posted under "handouts."


Dalton and Eichler are now available at library reserve for you to borrow.  You can also borrow and make a copy of our week 4 seminar readings now, at the same place.