Profile: Desilu


Desilu Productions/Studios used to be the world’s largest television studio with 33 soundstages at one point, far exceeding that of MGM and 20th Century Fox.  Desilu created the T.V. sitcom formula and launched hits like Twilight Zone, Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, and The Untouchables. It began with I Love Lucy which brought Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball a way for them stay in one place at the same time. The show was meant to save their long-distance relationship. I Love Lucy always had a happy ending but things played out differently in real life. The day after filming the series finale, they signed their divorce papers after almost 20 years of marriage.

“It’s ironic we spent half of our married life trying to work together and in the end were both working too hard and, perhaps, seeing too much of each other.” -Desi Arnaz

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