Annotated Bibliography

  1. Sanders, Coyne Steven, and Tom Gilbert. Desilu: the story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 1993. Print.

    This book gave me a lot of information of what went on behind-the-scenes of I Love Lucy and the studio that spawned from the show’s creation. It really gave me a broad picture of the people that created the show and I learned a lot about Desilu’s rise and fall as an independent production company.

  2. Davis, Madelyn Pugh, and Bob Carroll Jr. Laughing with Lucy: my life with America’s leading lady of comedy. USA: Clerisy Press, 2005, 2007. Print.

    Laughing with Lucy gave me a background story into one of the head writers and creators of I Love Lucy and her perspective as the “girl writer” as to how the show came to be. It was very helpful  to read the stories behind where a lot of the show’s plots came from.

  3. Oppenheimer, Jess. Laughs, Luck–and Lucy: how I came to create the most popular sitcom of all time. 1st ed. USA: Syracuse University Press, 1996. Print.

    Oppenheimer was the one who created the Lucy Ricardo character for the show. This was one of the many things I learned about the creation of the show. This autobiography from the producer of I Love Lucy documenting his life and what it was like producing the show gave me a lot of background history.

  4. Ball, Lucille. Love, Lucy. USA: Berkley Boulevard Books, 1996. Print.

    Reading Lucy’s autobiography really helped me delve into what her mind was going through at the start and rise of her marriage to Desi, their show, and their company. I really learned about her life in this book and this helped me talk about her upbringing in my paper.

  5. Metz, Robert. CBS, reflections in a bloodshot eye. USA: New American Library, 1976, c1975. Print.

    This book covers a lot of CBS’s history as a network. It helped me see from the network’s point of view I Love Lucy’s success and what it meant for the network.

  6. Baughman, James L. Same time, same station: creating American television, 1948-1961. USA: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007. Print.

    Without this book, I wouldn’t have started this research on Desilu. It gave me a lot of statistics and general information on how huge of a success the show turned out to be. Same time, same station covers the era of the television boom in America and Desilu/I Love Lucy’s place in the era.

  7. Thompson, Robert J., and Gary Burns. Making television: authorship and the production process. USA: Praeger Publishers, 1990. Print.

    Making television is a collection of essays covering the process of the elements that established television. I received an introspective look into the money involved with I Love Lucy and another perspective of the general creation and outcome of the show.

  8. McGrath, Douglas. “Television/Radio: The Good, the Bad, the Lucy: A Legacy of Laughs; The Man Behind the Throne: Making the Case for Desi.” New York Times 14 Oct 2001, Print.

    This article became a huge turning point in my research. McGrath’s article mostly talks about Desi’s significance in Desilu’s rise to power as a television studio and the success of I Love Lucy. It greatly influenced my focus in my paper.

  9. Gordon, John Steele. “What Desi Wrought.” American Heritage Magazine Dec 1998: Print.

    The focus of this article was mainly on the history of syndication and its effects on modern television. Gordon talks about Desi’s part in establishing this money field for the television industry. This really helped with my research into the kind of experimentation Desi made outside just the technical aspects of the show.

  10. Martin, Pete. “I Call On Lucy And Desi.” Saturday Evening Post 31 May 1958: Print.

    Martin gave me peek inside the home of Lucy and Desi with his poignant interviews with both. I particularly got a huge taste of Lucy’s attitude towards the media and how she was like on a day-to-day basis just with her answers.

  11. Johnson, Beth. “Desilu’s redhead honcho.” Entertainment Weekly 14 Nov 1996: 92. Print.

    Johnson mostly talks about Lucy buying out Desi’s share of Desilu Productions and what she did as head of the studio. A lot of the information I got from this article pretty much was coveted in the book research I did like how Desilu during this time produced Star Trek and Mission: Impossible.

  12. Cahn, Dann. “Dann Cahn Remembers: The First “I Love Lucy”.” Cinemeditor Nov 1995: Print.

    This article mostly talks about Cahn as an editor for the first I Love Lucy show and the technical details of how they got the show on the air. There was a bunch of information about the editing process that really put the show into picture for me.

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