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Advanced Beginning Chinese III

Syllabus 介紹
Spring, 2011
(Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:30 pm, Tuesday SEM II C2109 classroom & Thursday Computer Center Grotto lab)

Faculty: Lin CrowleyTESC Library 2508, 867-6239

Course website at: <>

Course Description
This course continues to emphasize the mastery of standard Chinese pronunciation and continue the building of useful vocabularies. Students will learn modern Mandarin Chinese through vigorous interactive practice and small group activities. The class is fast-paced with use of internet and computerized software to accelerate the learning. Chinese history and culture will be included as it relates to each language lesson. Standard Chinese (Mandarin) is taught through weekly reading and writing. Both traditional and simplified Chinese characters will be introduced and practiced through the course.

Text, Workbook and Online Materials
Integrated Chinese (IC), Tao-chung Yao, Yuehua Liu, Boston, Cheng & Tusi Company, 2009.

The Level 1 Part 2 IC is comprised of three volumes: (available at the Bookstore)

  • Textbook (Level 1 Part 2; Traditional or Simplified Character Edition)
  • Workbook (Level 1 Part 2;Traditional or Simplified Character Edition)
  • Character Workbook (Level 1 Part 2; Traditional and Simplified Character Edition)

Online supplementary materials:


The goal of this program is to help students acquire additional Chinese communicative skills and to introduce students to Chinese Culture. In addition to cover the lessons in Integrated Chinese, a broad spectrum of life in Chinese societies will be introduced as we proceed with each lesson. Cultural notes and media programs regarding Chinese traditions and customs will also be incorporated. Please check out our website for additional links to various web resources. Program web site at: <>.

Attendance Policies and Credits

  • For language learning, every class is important. The pace of the class will be fast and steady. You should not miss any class. You will receive full credits based upon satisfactory and on-time completion of all course requirements and assignments. Credit denial decisions will be made by the faculty. Partial credit will rarely be awarded. Plagiarism, failing to complete one or more assignments, completing more than one assignment late (without having made special arrangements in advance of the due date) or more than two non-excused absences, may constitute automatic denial of credit.

Tapes & Assignments

  • You can check out digital audio recorders and headphones from Media Loan and CDs and additional supplemental materials from the library and the Community Language Lab to aid in your practice.
  • Assignments will be reviewed and checked in class by the faculty. Your effort and participation will be recorded.
  • You should always hand in homework on time. I will accept late homework assignments, but only with prior communication from you.

The course schedule will be updated regularly. Please check back.  (Last updated on 3/23/11)

Schedule Book
Integrated Chinese (IC)

Week 1
(3/29/11, 3/31/11 )
Review IC lesson #11-13 of level 1 part 2 & the use of Chinese softwares Previous grammar review & self intro in Chinese
Week 2
(4/5/11- 4/7/11 )
Start IC level 1, part 2 lesson #14
IC #14 BIRTHDAY PARTY, Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 3
IC lesson #14
IC #14 Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 4
IC Lesson #14, 15 IC #14 Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 5
IC Lesson #15 (4/30 Dragon Boat Festival) IC #15 SEEING A DOCTOR,Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 6
IC lesson #15
IC #15 Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 7
IC lesson #16 (5/14 field trip: Portland Chinese Garden)
IC #16 DATING, Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 8
Review IC #16 IC #16 Workbook UC Berkeley
Week 9

Week 10 (5/31/11-6/2/11)

Eval Week

Lesson #17

Final class report &presentation


IC #17 RENTING AN APARTMENT, Workbook UC Berkeley

Final Presentation

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