Video Essay Collaborations

Sustainability and Justice Collaborations: Digital Audio Video Requirements

  • Individually researched and written personal essay.
  • Collaboration: work in teams of two, three maximum
  • Collaboratively researched and written personal essay.
  • Collaboratively drafted audio-visual script adaptation.
  • Format: Digital Video
  • Digital Video: with sound
  • Length: 3-7 minutes (7 minutes maximum)
  • Students are expected to use some of the representational strategies we are studying in the program: a documentary strategy (poetic, performative, etc.) or an experimental approach (drawing attention to the medium in addressing program themes, breaking with conventional forms of representation, emphasizing the visual, experimenting with vertical montage, etc.)
  • Original Material: the use of original material is required. This means that students have created all of the images and sound, rather than appropriating materials from other sources.
  • Sound: The electronic media project is an audio-visual piece. For the AV piece students must create all of the sound (no appropriation), and the timeline is short, so keep it simple. Students are encouraged to use voice and sound effects. Students may use music; however, if music is used the project team must create it (no sampling), or students may record others who are performing original music. Again, all sound must be original.
  • Collaborative Artists Statements: Each team is expected to write one specifically for the audio-visual essay.
  • Submission Instructions: Although this project is collaborative, students are expected to submit (post or upload), individually, each of the required products of this assignment (your individually written essay, your collaborative essay, your AV script, your collaborative artists statement, and a media file of your audio-visual essay).
  • Presentation Formats: QuickTime media files from Flash drives.
  • Final Delivery Formats: Media files uploaded to a video-sharing site and embedded in program blog.
  • Critiques (oral and written) of peer work.