16mm Essay Collaborations

Sustainability and Justice Collaborations: 16mm Film Requirements

  • Individually researched and written personal essay.
  • Collaboratively researched and written personal essay.
  • Collaboratively drafted storyboard adaptation.
  • Format: 16mm
  • Film-16mm: silent
  • Length: 3-7 minutes (7 minutes maximum)
  • Collaboration: work in teams of two, three maximum
  • Students are expected to use some of the representational strategies we are studying in the program: a documentary strategy (poetic, performative, etc.) or an experimental approach (drawing attention to the medium in addressing program themes, breaking with conventional forms of representation, emphasizing the visual, etc.)
  • Original Material: the use of original material is required. This means that students have created all of the images and sound, rather than appropriating materials from other sources.
  • Sound: The 16mm project is a visual piece only, and is silent.
  • Collaborative Artists Statement: Each team is expected to write one specifically for the film essay.
  • Presentation Formats: 16mm film
  • Critiques (oral and written) of peer work.