Program Application

This program no longer requires a signature for entry into the Fall Quarter for the program. However, students wishing to enter during Winter Quarter will need a signature to join. Additionally, all students should look closely at the pre-req’s in order to assess whether they have the required background for being successful in the program.

During the winter, this program requires a signature from the professor for entry. In order to be signed into the class, all prospective students must complete a brief application. Please read the program description and the guidelines below carefully before submitting your application materials.


Students entering the program in Winter Quarter must demonstrate that they have the necessary background to join the learning community by submitting three items.

  1. A cover page that includes full name (as it appears for registration), any alternate name used, A-Number, and projected class standing at the start of Winter 2012.
  2. A brief (1 page) letter of introduction to the faculty describing the skills and coursework that demonstrates preparation for the program based on the criterion listed in the pre-requisites.
  3. A faculty evaluation from an interdisciplinary program.
  4. A student evaluation from the same interdisciplinary program.

(If you are a transfer student who does not have faculty and student evaluations, please submit the letter of introduction, your transcripts and a letter of reference from a faculty member at your previous institution who can speak to your skills and preparation based on the criterion listed in the prerequisites.)

Please submit well organized, labeled and thoughtfully written materials via email attachments (.pdf preferred) to by the Friday after the Fall 2012 Academic Fair. A list of accepted students will be posted at by the following Monday. If the program does not fill from this first pool of applicants, applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the program fills.


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