In order to succeed in this program, students must be able to demonstrate that they have the academic breadth and depth to do advanced work in the arts. In order to demonstrate breadth, students should have completed a minimum of two quarters (32 credits) of interdisciplinary liberal arts studies, ideally in an 8-16 credit program. In order to demonstrate depth students should have completed at least two quarters (32 credits) of studies in the history, theory and practice of one or more creative discipline such as media, sculpture, photography, music, theater, painting or drawing, ideally in an 8-16 credit program. Students with a significant background in art history and/or media theory who have not completed studies within a creative discipline, but who wish to expand their work into creative practice are also welcome. All students must be prepared to commit to significant work outside of class (at least 20-30 hours per week) to collaborative and individual creative projects and to academic research and writing. This program is also designed for students who have successfully completed multiple critical and academic writing projects, including long form (10-15 page) academic papers.

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