Pre-class announcements: Student Survey, First Day of Class, Wait-Listed students

  • Please complete the Student Survey by Fri. Jan. 3. You can find the Survey under the About link in the menu bar above, or by clicking here.
  • Our first class meeting is Mon. Jan. 6 at 8:45 am in Lecture Hall 4. Students enrolled in the program who do not come to the first class meeting will lose their place in the program, at faculty discretion. If you are registered but not planning to take the program, please dis-enroll to make room for a student from our long wait list.
  • The wait list for the program is quite long. Our enrollment cap is determined by the number of seats available in our lab room, which is strictly limited. We will take students to fill any available seats, chosen at faculty discretion. If you are not enrolled in the program but are interested in joining, you must come to the first class  meeting (don’t come if it conflicts with the program you are actually enrolled in, as you don’t want to lose that seat).
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