Week 9 Calendar page posted

You can find the Week 9 Calendar page using the Calendar link in the main navigation bar above. Some highlights below, please see Calendar page for complete details.

  • Week 8 Reflection due online Sun. March 2 by noon.
  • Bring copy of reading assignment to Monday lecture and lecture/seminar.
  • Monday lecture meets at 8:45am in Lecture Hall 4.
  • Monday lecture/seminar meets at 10am/1pm in CAL East.
  • Monday physics lab meets at 10am/1pm in Lab 1 2046; bring copy of Physics Lab 12, your remaining questions from Week 8 Problem Set, and copy of reading assignment.
  • Quiz on Week 8 material at 8:30am Tuesday in CAL.
  • For Tuesday Math Lab, bring Math Lab notes and Physics Lab notes from previous labs this quarter (hopefully neatly arranged in lab notebooks).
  • Check here for where you should be during Wednesday’s Physics Lab session.
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