Principal Investigators

Dr. Judith Bayard Cushing

Member of the Faculty,
Computer Science
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA 98505
Dr. Nalini Nadkarni
Member of the Faculty,
Environmental Studies
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA 98505



  •  Lee Zeman, SciDB Lab Manager / Lead Developer- SciDB Lab



  •  Natalie Kopytko, MES Student - SciDB Lab




Ann Auman, Research Collaborator
Assistant Professor, Biology Department,
Pacific Lutheran University,
Tacoma, WA.
Soil Microbiologist Collaborator
(microbial communities of canopy soils)
Yoav Bar-Ness
Forest Ecologist,
Ecologist Collaborator
(Tested our ecoinformatics tools)
Barbara Bond
Associate Professor of Forest Science,
Oregon State University
Ecologist Collaborator
(in-lab data and metadata provision, tree physiology)
James Brunt
Associate Director for Information Management,
Long Term Ecological Research Network Office,
University of New Mexico
Eco-system Informatics Collaborator
(outreach to the LTER, generalization of work to ecology, usability testing)
Damien Catchpole
Graduate Student
University of Tasmania, Australia
Ecologist Collaborator
(Testing Ecoinformatics Tools)
Kristal Dale
Consultant, ASP.NET web development
Olympia, WA
(Big Canopy Database ASP.NET development, student project guidance and testing)
Lois Delcambre and Dave Maier
Professors, Computer Science and Engineering
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology,
Oregon Health Sciences University
Computer Scientist Collaborators
(computer science research, spatial infrastructure)
Roman Dial
Associate Professor,
Alaska Pacific University
Ecologist COllaborato
(palm top field data acquisition, research on forest canopy structure)
Janet Foley and Nathan Nieto
Professor and Graduate Student,
University of California - Davis
Scientific collaborators
(compared ground and arboreal communities of rodents at 1kcs sites)
Jerry Franklin
Director, Program Director,
Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility (WRCCRF);
College of Forest Resources, University of Washington
Ecologist Collaborator
(WRCCRF sites, and the WRCCRF and Oregon State NEON Project)
Carol Hert
Information Scientist,
University of Washington, Tacoma
Social Science Collaborator
(ethnographic research of ecologists)
Martin Hutten
Plant Ecologist,
US National Park Service
Ecologist Collaborator
(identified non-vascular plan species)
Hiroaki Ishii
Assistant Professor,
Graduate School of Science and Technology,
Kobe University, Japan
Ecologist Collaborator
(statistical analysis of canopy data, research on forest canopy structure)
Julia Jones, Research Collaborator
Associate Professor,
Department of Geosciences,
Oregon State University
PI of OSU IGERT Program in ecology,
computer science, and mathematics.
Nicole Kaplan
Information Manager, Short Grass Steppe LTER
(grasslands sythesis project)

Christine Laney

College Assistant Professor and EcoTrends Project Coordinator
Jornada Experimental Range/Jornada Basin LTER
Las Cruces, NM

Carri LeRoy

Visiting faculty,
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA
Ecologist Collaborator
(Statistical analysis of grasslands data integration)
Juli Mallett
Software Engineer,
Computer Science Collaborator
(network services and management, ecoinformatics tools)

Anne McIntosh (formerly Fiala)

Forest Ecologist and PhD Student
University of Alberta
Ecologist Collaborator

Rick Meinzer, David Woodruff, and J.C. Domec

Research Ecologists,
USDA, Forest Service, and Oregon State University,
Ecologist Collaborators
(used 1kcs site to sample tracheid anatomy)
Eda Melendez-Colom
Information Manager,
Luquillo LTER
Ken Ramsey
Information Manager,
Jornada LTER
(grasslands synthesis project)
Steve Sillett
Associate Professor,
Department of Biological Sciences,
Humboldt State University
(canopy structure)
Susan Stafford
Collegeof Natural Resources,
University of Minnesota
Ecologist Collaborator
(outreach to LTER and ecology communities, metadata acquisition and ecology synthesis, strategies for dissemination of research and informatics best practices)
Alison Styring
Ornithologist and Member of Faculty,
The Evergreen State College,
Olympia, WA
Future Ecologist Collaborator
(1kcs bird censuses)
Jim Thomas
Senior Chief Scientist
Information Technology,
PNNL Fellow,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Computer Scientist Consultant
(scientific visualization)
Bob Van Pelt
Research Associate,
University of Washington
Ecological Collaborator
(canopy structure)
Kristin Vanderbilt
Information Manager,
Sevilleta LTER
(grasslands synthesis project)
Jonathan Walsh
Information Manager,
Baltimore Urban LTER
Silke Werth
Post-doctoral researcher,
University of California Los Angeles
Scientific Collaborator
(population genetics and phylogeography of L. pulmonaria)

Project Alums

  • Erik Ordway, Lab Manager/Lead Developer - SciDB Lab
  • Michael Finch, Lab Manager/Lead Developer - SciDB Lab
  • Chris Hardy, BCD Website Developer
  • Youngmi Kim, SciDB Lab
  • Thomas Koch, Research Contract - SciDB Lab
  • Emerson Murphy-Hill, SciDB Lab
  • Cody Hinchliff, Research Contract - SciDB Lab
  • Juli Perry, Student - SciDB Lab
  • Aaron Crosland, SciDB Lab
  • Jesse Cantin, Student - SciDB Lab
  • Genevieve Becker, Work Study - Canopy Lab
  • Kyle Pritchard, Work Study - Canopy Lab
  • Traci Sanderson, Work Study - Canopy Lab
  • Willy Towanda, Student - Canopy Lab
  • Jeremy Lucas, MES Work Study - Canopy Lab
  • Chris Pierce, Student - SciDB Lab
  • Jennifer Rawson, Student - SciDB Lab
  • Joel Arbuckle, SciDB Lab
  • David Franklin, Canopy Lab Manager
  • Lana Byal, Canopy Lab Assistant
  • Dave Bell, Canopy Lab Assistant
  • Maureen Meyer, Canopy Work Study Student
  • Adrian Wolf, MES Canopy Work Study Student
  • Bryan Torian, Canopy Work Study Student
  • Kyla Zaret, MES Work Study Research Assistant / Volunteer
  • Natalie Pyrooz, Volunteer/Work STudy Research Assistant
  • Jacqueline Arsaga, Work Study Research Assistant
  • Abigail Groskopf, U/G Research Project
  • Gabriel Horton, Canopy Work Study Student
  • DJ Cox, Canopy Student
  • Erin Burma, Canopy Work Study Student
  • Hannah Anderson, ICAN Program Manager
  • Meghan Young, Work Study - Canopy Lab
  • Scott Hollis, MES Work Study - Canopy Lab
  • John Ash, Work Study - SciDB Lab
  • Piers Excell-Rehm, MES Student - SciDB Lab
  • Les Harris, Student - SciDB Lab