Canopy Database Project Informatics Research and Development
Our dream is to enable an ecologist to be his or her own programmer. To accomplish this, we propose domain-specific tools that do not require learning to program in a complex programming language. We want tools that harnesses the power of modern database and component technology, with the ease of use of spreadsheets.

DataBank is a tool that researchers can use to generate databases for their field work, for data integration, or for visualization. To create a database design, researchers select components that the system combines into a database, because a relatively few components can represent many canopy research studies. [ more ... ]

CanopyView is an interactive canopy visualization system that is a complementary application to DataBank, the canopy database generator. [ more... ]

Big Canopy Database
The BCD is a research reference tool for forest canopy researchers and forest ecologists . It includes 7000+ searchable scientific and popular citations, downloadable color images with associated forest canopy locale and species identification; other useful materials (glossary of canopy research terms, website links, new publications, meeting notices, canopy access techniques, and climbing safety protocols), and public interest references. [ more ... ]

Studies represent the research efforts of scientists and the data they generate. The StudyCenter lets users search for studies, download study data and associated metadata, and see sample visualizations (where complete) for studies that researchers have made publicly available.