DataBank, a database tool for forest canopy researchers

DataBank generates databases for field work or data integration. To do this, a researcher selects database components, and the system combines these into a database. DataBank is based on the idea that a relatively few concepts (represented as components) can represent data for many different studies. We currently generate databases in MS Access, but can generate databases for other relational database management systems if the need arises.

At present, DataBank contains datasets from several canopy projects. To submit data to DataBank, a researcher works with a database technician to provide metadata and  data to fit one or more existing field data components ("templates"), or to generate new ones for new, user-defined data types.

Things you can do with DataBank:

  • Browse the CanopyDB warehouse, to see databases implemented with DataBank.
  • Generate and download a database using a prepackaged database design.
  • Download DataBank to use on your own computer
  • Learn how to use DataBank, with the DataBank Users' Guide

Visit the DataBank project site for more information.

Because DataBank databases are built on components that other tools also know, those tools can provide considerable added power. See our data visualization tool CanopyView.