Informatics Resource for LTER Information Managers and Researchers Follow-Up Workshop


Informatics Resource for LTER Information Managers and Researchers Follow-Up Workshop, Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 21-22, 2003

Organizer: Funded by the LTER Network Office


This workshop continued development of suggested novel cross-site comparisons and syntheses initiated at the LTER IM workshop that took place during the All Scientists Meeting. At this workshop the DataBank templates for grassland net productivity were used to generate three databases, and population of those databases initiated. We aimed to generate one database from those that could be used for ecological synthesis. We also continued forest dynamics plot database generation from Luquillo LTER.


Canopy Database Project Staff: Judy Cushing, Mike Finch, Anne Fiala; LTER Information Managers: Kristin Vanderbilt, Nicole Kaplan, Eda Melendez, Ken Ramsey, Jonathan Walsh


1. Data Model, templates, and preliminary (generated from Databank components) databases for grassland NPP data generated.
2. Preliminary form and report design for nested site/plot completed.
3. Useful data visualization, templates, poster design and populated database for Luquillo created.
4. Creative ideas for a better databank, specific deliverables. We also have an affirmation that DataBank concepts are transferable within ecology, and outside of canopy studies.


1. A paper about the grasslands NPP a) data model and b) database integration, and c) scientific synthesis.
2. A report to the LTER IM's on our work.
3. Informal report from Eda on how the poster and visualization and database are working at the Luquilla LTER.


We thank James Brunt, Katy Perry and other staff at the LTER Network office for providing the venue, organization, and funding for the workshop. Canopy Database Project Research is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation Database and Informatics Program (BIR 9975510, BIR 9630316, BIR 0319309).